Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crushing Depression With Each Race, Each Run (Luxembourg Half-Marathon)

Sometimes I can't believe my eyes when I see pictures of myself, specially after a race. Is this really me, I ask myself. Yes, it is, I tell myself!

I would not have thought it possible 7 years ago, that I could look happy, strong and free, as I do now.

I did it!
Finished my first half-marathon in Luxembourg!
Got the bling, and very happy about the decision I made: Tuesday: Decision Time!
09.06.13 00:40
In 2006, I suffered from a nervous breakdown after years and years of cycles of chronic depression.

There were many times I gave up on life. I never thought I would ever have enough courage to share this, what I share in words, to my family, to close friends, and on my blogs for those readers, whom I aim to reach. People like me.

People like me, who've suffered from depression, and thought they are alone, and that somehow they will never ever recover from it.

This was taken before I picked up my starting number, when I was still contemplating on running the full instead of the half! 08.06.13 14.09

When I share my stories,my purpose is not to be pitied for what I've gone through, nor earn compliments for what I've "achieved" in my fight against this disorder.

I am writing what I've been through to give others hope and courage to never ever give up on life.

Everyone goes through life challenges, and everyone at one point in their lives felt, that life is unfair.

Specially those who goes through life challenges weakened with depression, and can't even attend to their basic needs.

My body was grateful, that I made a reasonable decision and ran the half!
09.06.13 00:40
A sad silent statistic of people in the world, who've suffered and still suffer from depression have a hard time talking about this mental disorder.

 Sadly, I am not the first and will not be the last, who will talk about how this disorder can take away a lot from your life.

My fervent wish is that I certainly will not be the last to talk about how one can overcome depression, and live a life of quality.

Episodes of depression might not completely go away for most people but the knowledge of how to cope with it, how to prevent it, how to take care of one's well being, that the frequency will be reduced effectively is more worth than any wealth in the world.

My medal of valour. :D
Luxembourg (Half-) Marathon can definitely be counted as one of the best ultimate runner's challenge.
I'll be back to conquer the full - one day!

Most importantly it is important to know how to ask for help, when you no longer know what to do.

No one is ever alone
. Being alone is a choice one makes, and it's not ever a man's fate.

image (screen shot) courtesy of Alphafoto.com
Depression can make you feel alone, make you feel, that loneliness so painfully. 

But you should never let depression convince you, that you are alone, that the pain one feels in the moment is ever-lasting. 
image (screen shot) courtesy of Alphafoto.com

There is always a choice with depression.

The choice to fight it (over and over and over again), conquer it and live, a life that is full.

image (screen shot) courtesy of Alphafoto.com
(EDIT 29.04.14, 32 Days to Luxembourg Marathon 2014)
Postscript to this Marathon story:

After the marathon, the organizers created a search for THE FACE of the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg 2014 ) - I became one of THE FACE of the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg 2014 of the Luxembourg Night Marathon !

Never ever give up, always keep hope alive in your heart, and always dare to dream.

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