Monday, June 10, 2013

Lesson Learned in Luxembourg

Currently writing impressions from our Luxembourg weekend and sorting out pictures to share to family and friends...

I had an awesome time with my family despite of the stress, that came along with running abroad.

Luxembourg is beautiful; it's people warm and friendly - a great first time visit! 

courtesy of Google image

If we can afford it, it would be great to do Luxembourg half-marathon again next year - a real motivating challenge. I think I need a substantial time of stress free, consistent training to even think of running the full.

Very, very, very grateful I had the opportunity of running the half. Thanks to mijn liefste P , the positive support of all my Loopmaatjes and each and every one who supported me and my family!

Lesson learned in Luxembourg: never ever give up! 

All runs - fast, slow, long, short - even non-runs (when you rest from runs but think in your head when, where and how you will enjoy your run again, counts!)  brings you nearer to your goals. 

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