Friday, December 27, 2013

Morning Milers - Stronger in 2014

The idea to Morning Milers is inspired by the current
Happy Feet in the Netherlands'
Winter Run Challenge
aka Running4Badges: CoolRunning
Have you always wanted to regularly sleep early?

Have you always wanted to regularly wake up early?

Are you working on a strong body for a stronger mind in 2014?

Well, we have the same goals! #MorningMilers #Stronger2014

If you appreciate daily motivation, daily cheers from people with the same goals, then join me as we make 2014 the most active year ever! As early - in the morning! - as possible!

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.”
Meister Eckhart

I ♡ angels of inspirations all around.

font used on this photo is courtesy of (KG A Little Swag) and (Teen Light)

It does not matter what activity it is - what matters most is taking the first step to be active and  making the effort to do it as early, as consistently as possible all through out the year.

It takes 30 days to create a habit! Motivate others; motivate yourself!

Make 2014 your most active year, and encourage those nearest to you to do the same.

Walk, run, bike, swim, do yoga, do pilates or any work-out of your choice (you can choose one these activities, or a combination of these activities to do alternately during the week) between 4 am - 11 am for 30 consecutive days in 2014. Cheer for others for (at least!) 3 consecutive months.

Document and share your progress (photos, documented stats of your runs/walks) here.

Share this event and your goal in different social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc) using hashtags #MorningMilers #Stronger2014.

For details, updates like Happy Feet in the Netherlands FB page, follow this blog  and the @HappyFeetNL Twitter channel.

Questions, ideas? Post a comment on this event page, or send an FB PM, or an email:

Monday, December 23, 2013

2013: A Year of Thanks. A Positive Year.

A personal gift from K. of Lunatik Athletiks
 “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”
Herman Melville

Today, after lunch our youngest, excitedly brought in the mail.

She loves bringing in the mail.  With twinkle in her eyes, she announced, "Christmas cards!" as she held out with her little hands envelopes of assorted sizes and colours.

One of them was from Kelly of  Lunatik Athletiks whom I met via social media channels and worked together with for  #Crazy4Running campaign.

Her season's greetings (and the very thoughtful gift!!!!!!!!!) was extra special for me because through her generous spirit and lovely gesture, she gave me the a sign I was searching for.

(Excerpt of what was written in K's Holidays greetings below:

The bracelet is made of red agate, yellow tiger eye, and blue agate.

Tiger eye is a very protective stone.  It has powerful, dynamic energy with a watchful quality.

Tiger eye can help clear confusion and attract a more clear and balanced state of mind.

The Hamsa hand charm: draws positive energy, happiness, riches and health.

Wishing you the Best Christmas & a blessed Holiday.
A snapshot of me wearing the bracelet to mark and preserve the special occasion.
If you look closely on the left side of the picture are the happy toes of our youngest.
It made me smile, and I thought I should leave it, and not edit it out. :)

I have been strongly contemplating on giving up blogging, social media and the internet in general for  the last couple of months.

There are numerous reasons why I felt the strong need to do this.  One single powerful reason, which have kept me going, in sharing my struggles and triumphs for the world to read:

I want to contribute in making a positive change in the world, in my own simple way; I know I am not alone,  through the people I have met, and continue to meet. People who makes a positive difference in life, in their own simple way. People who gives one hope that the world is a brighter place with them in it.

These people are long time friends, or friends I met only recently but feel deep connection with, who I feel I have known all my life.   Many of them, I am limited to staying in touch online because oceans, or continents separates us.  The internet magically keeps us connected.

Having them in my life is a constant positive reminder to focus on the good things life brings.  They give me strength to face and let go of the not so positive things, that belongs to life, too.

2013. A most challenging year to date has been a positive year thanks to all the positivity of these people.

People like me, who deals with manic depression can easily fall into isolation. Thanks to the positive power of the internet, these situation has become less and less for me through the years.

Internet (blogging, writing, sharing) + running = Happy Feet. :)

A collage of gratefulness and empowerment.

Today, I also received something very positive in my regular email  from Runner's World. I took it as another positive sign, showing the path for 2014. The message is one of my most favourite quote:

Motivation, I believe comes from something powerful from within  all of us (our belief in ourselves, in our strength), and from without (positive people, meaningful events), if we let them be a part of us.
Running Bruggenloop 2013
Blogging  helps me in creating and keeping good habits. It keeps me focused.

The people that came into my life through blogging reminds me of this, specially at times I need it most.

Berlin Marathon 2012

I thank each and everyone of you, whom I've met before I started blogging (you planted seed of positivity in me), whom I met through blogging (you remind me of the positive spirit) and who I have yet to meet ( you make me look forward with hope).

Thank you for inspiring, and keeping the inspiring spirit alive.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year full of positive energy!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

#Running4Badges Part 1: Running, Fun, Prizes & Surprises!

Here it is at last! The blog I have been promising for weeks.

I've been trying to find time and peace to creatively share the "surprise rewards" of the  Winter Run Challenge #Running4Badges - the first event organized at  Happy Feet in the Netherlands FB page.

The main prizes were named at the onset  (social running shirt, compression apparel, and a gift certificate for a pair of running shoes).  Details about this prizes will be revealed as the event progress.

The monthly prizes will be revealed a few weeks before the end of the month.

For December it will be a Road ID Gift Certificate worth $15.00.

How to win?

  1. Like Happy Feet in the Netherlands FB page (and follow @HappyFeetNL)
  2. Join Winter Run Challenge #Running4Badges event.
  3. Share the event (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc)
  4. Win as many running badges as you can (20 badges will earn you the chance to win the Gift Certificate for the new pair of running shoes) to have a chance at winning those surprises and main prizes!
If you want to know more about this event, how to earn each of the badges (see just some of them below), perhaps even become one of this event 's (it will be held annually) future sponsor,  then please go to Happy Feet in the Netherlands FB page .

You could also place your questions as comments below this post.

Please feel free to send me a PM on FB or send me a tweet @HappyFeetNL, or email me :

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Halves I Ran in 2013

Yesterday, I officially signed up for my second Egmond Half Marathon. The first half-marathon I will run in 2014.

I have unfinished business to settle with this half-marathon, as well as many other half-marathons I ran this year.

Consulting the tentative list I made in a previous blog Introducing A Look Back Blog Series , I've ran a total of 5 half marathons this year, and one DNF (did not finish).

The 1st half marathon I ran is Egmond - it is literally the first half marathon I have ever ran.  The back ground story of it I briefly mentioned in my end of January, 2013 blog. 

I ran Egmond after more than a year of running (17 months to be exact), and two full marathons behind me.  You can read why I did not run or was not able to run half-marathons first and went straight to running marathons on this blog:

The Halves of Holland (1/3): The Running Road to Egmond Half-Marathon Part 1

The 2nd half marathon I ran is Groet uit Schoorl - my first DNF.

Groet uit Schoorl 2013 -
my first "lost"/"pseudo-finished" unfinished run (DNF)
- I'll be back next year!

Lost in Schoorl as I call my first DNF race in 18 months of running - a running story/lesson to remember, mentioned here in brief, until a blog can be written about it! This race is definitely going on Running Calendar 2014 with a vengeance!

The 3rd half marathon I ran is CPC Run The Hague  - my fastest memorable half-marathon so far.

The 4th half marathon I ran is Luxembourg Night Marathon - not my fastest, not my slowest but unforgettable in so many ways.

It has a lot of firsts; my first half-marathon outside of Holland, the first time I ran on a hilly course, and the first time I became a poster girl for a marathon I ran because of being happy running it! :D

You could read a bit of background story here:

Luxembourg Half-Marathon: RAN!

The 5th half marathon I ran is Vechtloop Weesp - heartwarming and literally very warm half-marathon!

Vechtloop 2013

This "Colgate" smile was after I saw my split time (10K 1:07:some seconds brutto) and I still was confident, still hoping, that I would at least be in at 2:20:some seconds at the finishline 21 km later in the scorching (for me!) heat.
A favourite moment: if you look closely at the background is D a volunteer, who helped me in the last 5 km (I had side pains - not a clever way of hydrating, drank too much, ran too fast).
She was a great morale booster/cheer leader.

Luckily for me 2:35:some seconds later, my lovely solesisters Eva & Udjen were still waiting for me!

The 6th half marathon I ran is Amsterdam Half Marathon - my slowest and almost DNF run.

It was a challenging run but with a lot of support, willpower and determination: I did it!

The words above basically summarized the running motto of all my 5 half marathons (plus the 1 DNF - I ran after all 8 km of the course!) for the year 2013~!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

FB Down: Update on #Running4Badges Event

screen shot of the Christmas Clock (2013)
(the time is when I started writing this blog)
Last night I went to bed early.

I orignally wanted to do an update at Happy Feet in the NL's FB page for the Winter Run Challenge aka #Running4Badges: #CoolRunning.

Unfortunately, FB is down for me, and upon checking today it seems that it continues to be inaccessible.

this is currently how my FB page looks
when I log-in, since yesterday

So if you are a participant in the event, and you have already fulfilled the task, my apologies if I am unable to award you the corresponding badge!
At this point, I am not sure what to do about this situation. From previous experience, it is going to be a long wait to get a response to any FB personal account queries.

Since I am unable to view FB, I am also unable to follow the posts of participants on the event page.

Hopefully, tonight or tomorrow the glitch is fixed.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11.12.13: Break Your Barriers!

screen shot of the Christmas Clock (2013)
(the time is when I started writing this blog)
quote found on a poster @ Google Images
I took the liberty of revising it
Today, I created a personal inspiring poster as a future reminder to myself , when I face yet again my self-imposed walls.

Words have always had a powerful effect on me, and this quote spoke to me very strongly:
The beginning is always tough
But once you are in it
You will become

I thought it will be a good mantra to ward away the naughty elves, when they begin sprinkling procrastination & distraction all around. ;)

Beginnings. Focus.  They are my personal barriers.

What is/are yours?

This is also a post to introduce an upcoming running community event, that I will later share on  Happy Feet in the NL's FB page : Poster Your Inspiration.

:) Please like the page and watch out for the update!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

14 Days to Christmas: Introducing A Look Back Blog Series

Bruggenloop 2012
screen shot of the  Christmas Clock (2013)
(the time is when I started writing this blog) 

I love countdowns.

Consulting the Christmas Clock (2013), it is 14 days until Christmas!

Since I admit and write about it often, I am guessing everyone, who has been following for a while now  knows, that  I am lousy at posting detailed race recaps punctually.

So, I've actually accumulated more than 2 years worth of race recaps.  28 months of enthusiastic and unforgettable running experiences to be exact!

Breaking it down (a tentative list below, which I might have to eventually edit for some corrections and replace with a proper table of statistics!) :
                                2011            2012              2013            December 2013 (still upcoming races)
5Ks                      =    1                   3                   1/DNS                        1
4M                       =    1                   1                   0
7K                        =    0                   0                   1                                 1
8K                        =    1                   0                   0                       
10K                      =    2                   3/DNS          2/DNS                        1
15K                      =    DNS             3                    3                                1
10M                     =    0                    2                  DNS
Half-Marathon     =    0                    0                  5/DNF
Full-Marathon     =     0                   2                   1/DNS
                                   5                   14                  13        

The tentative table gives a total of  32 race recaps +/- those I've already done.

I may have a slow pace in many things such as running, and blogging but what I have for both these passions are persistence and perseverance! :)

My plan is to write at least 2-3 recaps every day for the next  every month of the next year days. (11.12.13 EDIT: Due to other personal priorities, I am changing the 13 days to the next 13-14 months - December 2013 - January, 2015)

What always stands in my way is wanting to do things perfectly. You know what happens when you have this need; the blogs are either written too long, or not written at all.

My plan: simplify, and write from the heart.

Whew! Feels good to get that out. I owe this renewed blogging energy to a current project. :)

You can check out this project - an ongoing event I am hosting at Happy Feet in the NL's FB page called Winter Run Challenge aka #Running4Badges: #CoolRunning

As I mentioned in Introducing: Happy Feet in the Netherlands' Badge, it was an idea born when I started running.

I wanted to wait until next year to share the idea but I thought as much as I would love to motivate others to keep running, the project will help me stay motivated as well!

The event at it's early stage is reminding me  continuously why I love to run, why I begun blogging, and how I would like to reach out to people via FB page of Happy Feet NL, who share the same hopes & dreams and  passion & dedication . 

It gave me back the sharp focus I needed.

Running for me is as a gift.
A gift you give yourself, and others. 
A gift that keeps on giving.

Bruggenloop 2012

Running is unceasingly finding your way back to your genuine self.

Bruggenloop 2013

Running is facing & overcoming life's obstacles repeatedly. 
Yes. Again, and again, and again.

Bruggenloop 2013

Running is inspiring and being inspired!
with Amsterdam Running Junkies soul/solesister Mo,
finishing her first BGL!

Running is shared passion,
shared struggle,
shared triumph,
and shared happiness.

Amsterdam Running Junkies
photo courtesy of Wilbert v. L.!