Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's Plan B?! BAM!

Keep Calm & Whats Plan B?from Google image

Plan B: Berlin/Amsterdam/Mystery Marathon is the back-up plan
of  #TRIOof2013 - Paris/Luxembourg/Berlin (triple marathons of 2013)
Paris Marathon: completed, awarded with finisher's medal but not on the official finisher's list
Luxembourg Marathon: ran a half-marathon instead of a full

On Monday Motivation: Dream On!, I admitted that I am having problems motivating myself to continue with the running projects I set out to do in 2013.

They were all running projects made riding the high of having reached the goals of running Berlin/Amsterdam Marathons 2012 back to back.

I may not have had yet the super speed in my legs after 13 months of running (August, 2011 - September 2012) but you bet I have proven to myself, that I am able (and willing!) to go the distance. :D

During my first year of running, I derived a lot of inspiration and motivation
from the Amsterdam Running Junkies

Running Berlin and Amsterdam seems to be my faith. Literally!
A lovely fellow Filipina, residing in California, whom I met online, gave me a generous gift: the starting number for Amsterdam Marathon.
Her name? Faith! :)

Only a handful of people knew, that even before I begun training for Berlin Marathon 2012, I had already set my eyes on running Amsterdam Marathon 2012 three weeks later.

Until I knew that I "could" run another marathon three weeks after my first marathon, I was not ready to share it to everyone.

It was a personal goal, I was able to let myself dream because of the huge support of my family, and friends, most of whom I was in contact with online. 

But this goal was also a "gift" to my psyche.

Even after finishing Berlin Marathon, my first ever marathon, I was still doubting myself, and yes, I needed another assurance in the form of Amsterdam Marathon, that I am indeed a runner, a strong runner, even if I am not a speedy runner (yet!).

Now, fast forward to 22 months of running.

My #TRIOfor2013 (run 3 marathons within a year) has been beset with hurdles after hurdles.

The background story you can read: here.

The trio this year will not be Paris/Luxembourg/Berlin, as I wished and hoped it will be.

Paris 2013- memorable first Spring marathon experience because of a beautiful course, and the fact that I almost gave up!
We went to Paris knowing, that I was not prepared to run the full, and I only wanted to at least run the half.
But half-way, I could not stop myself from finishing the full course.
It was sheer determination that made me finish the race with the knowledge, that I would not be on the official list, and not get a medal (and oh how I love getting medal).

I met many awesome runners along the way, who reminded me in the first place why I run:
to overcome hurdles I put in front of myself.
In the end I was not on the official list of finishers (minutes before I crossed the finish line, they took the mat to register my finishing time) but was graciously rewarded with the medal for finishing!

Luxembourg 2013 - originally planned to run the full, and later I made an obvious decision to run the half.
Very happy with being able to make that decision in time, and happy that I did not give up easily.

Plan B would be: BAM! Berlin/ Amsterdam /- yet to be chosen Marathon  in November/December.

It'll be named Mystery Marathon because stubbornly searching and scheduling a marathon that starts with the letter M, which will be held at the ideal time - i.e. an event fitting the time table of the multiple marathons training schedule - is a huge challenge in itself, that will get in the way of focusing on running three consecutive marathons in three months.

It could be considered by some a crazy idea. But it will be a "controlled, planned-out craziness" :D

Also it is my project so I can do what I want. Punt. :P



If I can run, so can you: big dreams are reached with baby steps!