Sunday, August 31, 2014

Good Night August!

When I think about it, the more my The Mermaid Club shirt collection grows, the wider the circle of my mermaid inspiration/friends/supporter grows.

22nd of June, 2014
about a km away to the finish line of

3rd of August,  2014
a before the run pic
for #crewTheMermaidClub
#ChaseSummer Nike Challenge

also a run to test my running backpack
16th of May, 2014
during a just for fun personal
The Mermaid Club run :)

An after the run pic
21st of August, 2014
for #crewTheMermaidClub
#ChaseSummer Nike Challenge

edited to inspire me for later...

Below is something I posted on my ("new") Instagram account, as a way to end and say, "Good night, August!" inspired by The Mermaid Club.

...ago · Den Haag
#SentimentalSunday #GoodNightAugust 
#LiveAuthentic ( intro for #DearSelfInSeptember) 
Reminiscing about running in #Spring2014 before I sleep. #InstaSleepDiary 
Spring, new beginnings - seems fitting to have worn my first #themermaidclub shirt for the first time; it helped me finish my 2nd consecutive #CPCloop #TheHagueHalfMarathon stronger than I thought I would. 
March, 2014
during the CPC half-marathon
in the Hague

March, 2014

100 meters less until the finish line
CPC half-marathon
in the Hague
Nope, I was not faster than the previous year but I was there, and I ran for myself; I ran for others, who couldn't; I ran for those, who are still aspiring; I ran for those, who I admire and who inspire many; I ran in the spirit of @themermaidclub: #livelifemakewaves 
As August comes to an end and September ushers in the months of "ber" /#brrr :) I would like to remind myself to be "warmer", "kinder" to myself. Since experience have shown me it is then I can be warmer, kinder to others. 
In life, whether we practice sports or not, the friendly competition can easily turn one to a green monster of envy, jealousy & anger. 
But if we all keep in mind: everyone battles with themselves, face struggles that are not evident in the surface, we will all be more supportive of each other. 
In this spirit: I wish you all a good night. 
EDIT 11.09.14: Yesterday, I worked out in my new  The Mermaid Club tank top! 

 Check out the new tank, on the new blogpost  to see what magic the tank did for me. :)