Friday, June 7, 2013

Home in Luxembourg for the Half-Marathon

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes
It can never be emphasized enough how important choosing a hotel (and it's location!) is in planning a race abroad.  A haven before and after a run is a great part of the preparation, and recovery from race.

We were very happy with choice we made in Sofitel-Luxembourg as our home for the weekend of my first half-marathon abroad.  The room was spacious, and luxurious. Very accomodating and friendly hotel staff, who made sure the short trip was memorable.

It was also conviniently located 5 km (20 minutes walk; but there was a free shuttle to and fro the Lux Expo) from the start of the finish of the marathon.

The images below summarizes our impression of the hotel. 

Sadly, the original pictures of the night we arrived were accidentally deleted from the memory card of our camera, that I share the pictures from the day later (Saturday the 8th and early morning of Sunday the 9th right after coming back from the marathon).

A thoughtful detail for the little guest
Little gifts like this makes the welcome all the more special

Business center/corner at the hotel lobby.
We just discovered that the whole day of Friday was deleted from our camera's memory card.

Littlest took our picture in the business center/corner of the hotel lobby

Our stress for the day forgotten after Littlest took our picture in the hotel lobby
Littlest and her bed for the weekend.

Whether at home or abroad, Dada & Mommy's bed is still the best choice for Littlest!

Relaxing after picking up the bib number from the Luxembourg Expo
Nice! Coffee & Tea.

spacious bathrooms makes for better preparation (physically & mentally) for a race
after Paris marathon, I am utterly convinced, that having a bathroom is definitely a must
in choosing a hotel room - a luxury after a marathon!
The Sofitel - Luxembourg during the daylight!

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  1. It's so awesome there! i hope you had so much fun! and it looks really nice there! x


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