Friday, May 1, 2015

MAY The Force BE With You!

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” 
― Robert F. Kennedy

Running (Blog) Reminder...

Looking at the currentt number of my  blog posts for 2015 is very encouraging for me.  

I'm beyond my least productive blog year and almost half-way to my most prolific blogging year. 

Behind the numbers of blogs are stories written from the heart and my hope, as I wrote them,  were to inspire readers and motivate them to work on their goals, take the first step in realizing their dreams and never give up no matter how many obstacles there are along the way.  

I  promise myself, I would make even more effort to blog.  Not solely to share thoughts, experiences to all my followers - family, friends, fellow runners and health enthusiast - but most importantly to remember what matters most.

Since I begun with blogging, the main goal has always been focused on keeping up with communication to stimulate interaction.

Perhaps most of the time it seems on the outside mostly one sided; the readers silently sharing my experiences, sometimes leaving comments of encouragement, congratulatory messages or words identifying with what I have shared. 

There are many tools and ways to generate more blog readers but since my focus and energy are mostly channeled to bringing myself outdoors, participating in life as much as I can, and  creating a blogpost about each attempt, I am happy to say, that I am very satisfied with the "number of people" (mostly silent followers :) ) I have met through this blog (and on my other blogs).

They (their friendships, their words of encouragement both public and private) have enriched my life, as I hope in some way reading my blogs have enriched theirs.

I feel truly accomplished and at peace with myself, like I have never been before.  

The feeling of silent bliss is there, even if I just recently came out of a depressive cycle of my bipolar disorder.  

The feeling of success is within me, even if my last marathon attempt ended at kilometer 32 and not at the finish line.


Running Connections . . .

My family and I are closer than ever before, and I am proud of each one them - my partner, our kids (total of 5 together), and their family.  

When you deal with something that greatly influences your quality of life, you have an even deeper appreciation for the people, who are dear to you.  Most specially for those who are witness to your struggles; they are the very same people who keeps you going the most.

I have always valued my friendships, and even more the past years.  

You Got Mail, Mom!

From Ireland with Love XXX

Running Friends Lifts You Up

Baby Steps . . .

My health has greatly improved both mentally  and physically.  Still, I often forget how far I have come compared to 20+ years ago.  

This is why I have this blog, as a reminder to myself that blogging helped me, and continue to help me focus on the progress and let go of the (unhealthy) impetus for perfection.

Focus on friendships, connections and let go of the critical voice in my head, which tries to alienate me from myself and others.

Running has been a great factor in the many health choices I made.  It is not only in my daily life but in the grand scheme of things; I make many decisions that I will could maintain a healthy body able to run and be able to run to not only clear my head but run with a lighter being.

Letting go of unhealthy relationships and unhealthy behavior patterns are just some of the major changes I have done shortly before I started running and I continue both in the pursuit to be a better runner and better person.

Future Path...

In the past 3 running years, I always have a goal for each year to focus on.

This has changed, this year.  You can read more about this change of perspective - well, let's call it an improvement of perspective on my last day of April Instagram post.

Short excerpt:

It is no longer the hunt for the quick runner's (race) high but establishing a strong relationship with your passion to be active outdoors, with the running community and with the road/trail/beach...the ground you choose to connect with… 

Running is a way of life not merely a way to reach a goal, nor a means to reach destinations.

I hope to make it clearer for you in my blogposts this May, how I will go about this.

For now, I wish you all a great month of May, and send you positive energy from the beautiful Holland; the small but very active country, which helped my feet take it's first happy steps towards empowering changes!