Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Motivation: Dream On!

They say, most runners experience an emotional dip after reaching a goal.

Since running the half-marathon in  Luxembourg , I've been struggling with how to motivate myself to continue my 2013 personal running project(s).

#TRIOfor2013 (run three marathons within a year) is the major goal of this year's running goals, and has so far not been going according to plan.

#TRIOfor2013 - Paris, Luxembourg, Berlin

Paris 2013- memorable first Spring marathon experience because of a beautiful course, and the fact that I almost gave up!
We went to Paris knowing, that I was not prepared to run the full, and I only wanted to at least run the half.
But half-way, I could not stop myself from finishing the full course.
It was sheer determination that made me finish the race with the knowledge, that I would not be on the official list, and not get a medal (and oh how I love getting medal).

I met many awesome runners along the way, who reminded me in the first place why I run:
to overcome hurdles I put in front of myself.
In the end I was not on the official list of finishers (minutes before I crossed the finish line, they took the mat to register my finishing time) but was graciously rewarded with the medal for finishing!

Luxembourg 2013 - originally planned to run the full, and later I made an obvious decision to run the half.
Very happy with being able to make that decision in time, and happy that I did not give up easily.

My search for alternative marathon, preferably all after Berlin Marathon (29th of September), are beset with worries, and doubts.

So here I am, reminding myself that I should crush those worries and doubts, and FOCUS on achieving what I set out to do.

Berlin & Amsterdam aka My Back 2 Back Marathons 2012! I love looking at these medals because they symbolize for me. that you can realize dreams if you: believe, focus and work hard to achieve it.

How do you crush negative feelings and thoughts?

One baby step at a time.

Littlest (Happy) Feet on the beach
at one of our first outing here in the Netherlands,
April, 2009

My first step is with this blog: acknowledging my doubts, fears and worries.

Tomorrow, the next step: plan of action.

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