Monday, June 23, 2014

Fueled By Goals: 7 Down, 7 To Go!

“Struggling and suffering are the essence of a life worth living. If you're not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you're not demanding more from yourself - expanding and learning as you go - you're choosing a numb existence. You're denying yourself an extraordinary trip.” 

photo courtesy of Vogue Nederland

from the album Nike's We Own The Night on their FB page

In the past 2 months I have been updating the list below, which was originally created in the blog - Fueled By Goals: Running 14 10Ks in 2014.

From now on, the updates will be set forth here. :)

This way (of blogging!) of updating on my #14TenK (the hashtag I am using in different social media to document my goal of running 14 10K races to improve my time in this distance) goal worked excellently in helping me keep my focus.

It came in most handy, when I had to make decisions whether to rest or push myself out of my comfort zone .

There are many conventional ways of blogging and documenting about one's race calendar. Since the "conventional way" was not working for me, I had to try to device a different way - my way! :D - to make it work.

So far I have only been able to blog one race recap from the 7 10K races I ran ( blog link to recaps will be highlighted in blue).

I am no longer stressing about how, when and where I will blog about all the stories involving my running lifestyle.

Recently, I revived my blog Happy Feet of A Couch Potato; it is actually a predecessor to this blog. More on this next time! This blog has helped me relax my mind a lot, and help gave me back my writing/blogging mojo. If you want to have an idea why I am in a flow…you can check the first post: Happy Feet & Baby Steps.

Well, below is the update on "how I am doing in 10Ks". It does not really tell the whole story but a general feel/idea. I hope you gain inspiration, motivation and a bit knowledge on how an enthusiastic happy runner like me is working on slowly (but surely!)  reaching her goals.

PLEASE do not hesitate in leaving a comment:

  • tips on 10K races coming up that you think I should try out.
  • share your own 10K adventures!
  • questions about this #14TenK adventures.
  • OR just anything you would like to ask or share regarding running, keeping fit, and staying motivated- feel free!

14 10Ks  in 2014 (A tentative/dynamic list -  

last UPDATE 08.09.14)***

01/ 19.01.14 40th edition Vondelpark Run DONE 1:10:25

Running with Monique my first 10K in the first month of 2014!

She is running for a cause - cancer research - this coming October.
If you would like to know about the details, and how you can support, too,
 please click on the link below:

Mo Runs 
For Friends of Julian 
Stichting Semmy

02/ 06
.04.14 Spierenvoorspieren Cityrun DONE 1:08:40

03/ 13.04.14 Marathon Rotterdam (as part of the Social Mile relay team sponsored by Meeùs ) DONE 1:10:30 
(If one is not being technical I would say this is 1:08:30 because I spent 2 minutes in the porta-loo shortly after I started! )

04/ 27.04.14 Enschede Marathon (sponsored by MeeùsDONE 1:07:52

05/ 18.05.14 Marikenloop (background blog  2 follow!) still PR to beat from 2013: 1:01:40 DONE 1:11:23 (HOT/started stressed because my Nike+ Sportswatch did not start at all. Turned it off at after 1 km, and used stopwatch to manually time my pace)

* 28.05.14 Alkmaar City Run by Night (Wednesday night…3 days before ING europe-marathon Luxembourg still need to think this over…)* update 04.06.14 I won not one but two bibs for this event! BUT something came in between 
(MAJOR PANIC ATTACK  after a marital misunderstanding; it was resolved excellently a few days later)  that I was not able to run it. One of the bibs also came 2 days after the race. I would have wanted to run with a friend, traveled with a friend…But some things are not meant to be.  This is the reason for the phrase, "Better luck, next time!"

06 /07.06.14 WOTN Nike Running Nederland (registeredPR to beat from 2013: 1:03:23 DONE 1:12:45 
(Actually, on the website this is the official result. On my Nike + stats though, the run is longer in distance, therefore also in time. My 10 km is measured 1:10:42, and the 320 meters distance is 2:12, which is a total of 1:12:54)

15.06.14 Marathon Amersfoort (need to register) update 04.06.14 I might run in Maastricht on this day insteadupdate 23.06.14: encountered problem with transportation. I plan to run it next year, if starting places are available via  Meeùs Run Club

07/ 22.06.14 Stoomtramloop (registered) DONE 1:07:09 - fastest 10K in 2014 so far!!! Bring on the interval training!!!  still 10K PR to beat overall, from 2013: 1:01:40 

Happy Feet, Happy Finisher! 

I was not sure what my finishing time was exactly, when I reached this point of the finish line (1:07:09). But still feeling strong at the end was enough for me to rejoice!

Race day was at high noon, temperature was hot, the route was unfamiliar, small events scare me, and I was not feeling great the day before, nor when I woke up.

It was a wonder that I improved my time by 5 minutes from the last race of two weeks prior.

This was the 7th 10K from 14 races I set out to do in 2014 to reach my goal of running a 10K distance within an hour, if not under an hour.

3 full marathons behind me (20 months of running), and a month before my foot nerve injury in July 2013 I was near that goal: 1:01:42 (23 months of running).

As fate would have it, I had to start from the very bottom again to climb my way to the pinnacle of my 10K time goal.

What I learned from my injury: relish the process, and do not focus TOO much on the end goal. If you do so, then "working on the goal" would be less of work, and more of an adventure.

Sometimes, you will even be surprised when you finally reach the goal because you are enjoying yourself so much!

Picture courtesy of http://www.stoomtramloop.nlUPDATED: 25.06.14

There will be 3 blogs about this day! Please watch out for it!

Sneak preview of what one of the blogs will be about...

The highlight of this run was spending some time with Irene,
she cheered for  Monique and I,  in January during the Vondelpark Run.

She is supporting a worthwhile cause by running in Amsterdam in October, and while training, she (and Mo) creates awareness for cause in support of cancer research.

If you would like to know more about her cause, please click on the link below:
Irene Runs 
Friends of Julian
Stichting Semmy

08/ 29.06.14 Utregse Meidenloop (need to register) OR Vechtloop Weesp!!! (registered 19th of June after a friendly Tweet chat with the organizer(s) - I am simply a sentimental runner! Running it 3 consecutive years in a row…)DONE! But currently actual time is still question markAfter I stopped my Nike+ Sportswatch, it showed 1:10: few seconds…after I uploaded it on the computer, it changed to 1:08:35 for 10.10 km, with the splits showing I ran a 10K in 1:07:59. On the website of Vechtloop, my brutto time shows as 1:10:22.

Group picture with the AMS Running Junkies
edited for my Happy Feet in the NL FB album
original photo courtesy of Edwin Kroos

Last year's Vechtloop - ran a half marathon
At my first Vechtloop - ran my first 15K

Can't wait for the next half of 2014!!!!!!!!! - 


The Next Half of 2014:

July - September train to do 10K/under 60 mins ???

/ 05.09.14 Muiderslotloop (registration on the day itself) - Unwell/I encountered a dip, after a very stressful week

/ 07.09.14 Tilburg Ten Miles  
(sponsored by Meeùs) Unwell/I encountered a dip (that turned into full blown depression for the entire weekend), after a very stressful week

08.09.14 - currently going through the running calendar of from September until the end of December 2014 to see which event I can run to complete the goal of 14 10Ks in 2014.

It seems the choices - under consideration of the personal factors, I will blog about later on! - are limited….

The Decision: I have to count the events**** with longer distances than 10K, which I will be running between September-December to count to the #14TenK challenge for practical (iSimplify, remember?!) reasons. 

In this way, instead of looking for races with the exact 10K distance, I can focus more on my goal of running 5K within if not under 30 mins and the 10K within if not under 60  mins.

My stats (official result & on Nike+) will normally show the splits by kilometer 5, and 10.

09/(21.09.14 Dam tot Damloop  (sponsored by Meeùs))**** Distance: 10EM = 16 km

10/ 05.10.14 Stichting de Bredase Singelloop (sponsored by Meeùs)

11/ 12.10.14 Sloterplasloop  (need to register - 79th edition…check it out before the 80th…)

(Note to avoid conflict: 19.10.14 TCS Amsterdam Marathon; I am thinking of participating last minute for the 8K…)
12/ 09.11.14 Olympic Stadium (Amsterdam)loop
 (need to register)

13/(16.11.14 Zevenheuvelenloop (sponsored by Meeùs))**** Distance: 15K

14/( 07.12.14 Bruggenloop Rotterdam )**** Distance: 15K