Sunday, January 15, 2012

Starting Line

Near the finishline of my first ever 8K race!

0ctober, 2011

Writing and running - they keep my life in balance .

Dreams Do Come True!
October, 2011
Ran 8 km and finished
in the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium

Each in itself helps me stand strong but together they make my feet a happy pair, ready to move forward  inspite of all the obstacles standing in front of me. 

It's almost three years since my family and I moved to the Netherlands.  The season was almost Spring time; it seems a very apt season because we were at the awning of a fresh beginning.  But it's only now three years later that I truly feel, I have completely arrived home.

A year ago, I created the blog, My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands.  My purpose was to have a place where I could store my impressions, thoughts, memories of living in the Netherlands.  Not so much as creating a place of reference for readers searching for information about how it is to live in the Netherlands.

For a consummate dreamer like me, the blog was a magical canvas, where I could paint how I view life  in words.  Since each day that passes seems can only be described  like a landscape, at other times a still-life, and most of the time a portrait.

Four months later, I created yet another blog, The Lightness of Being on the Bike.  My purpose was to have a place to express the joy of being on the bike, and record my personal bike challenges.  I always am visited by the fairy of ideas, but I almost always never jot down the gift of idea she gives me, and as I was warned they are very fleeting gifts, and need to be stored in words before they fly back to the fairy land.  This blog is currently in slumber but hopefully it will be kissed back to existence before Spring.

Another month later, another blog. This time a place where I could count down my upcoming 40th birthday, Being Beautifully 40.  Perhaps it's vain to do so.  Perhaps it's a way to confront the fears of aging, that I feel I should have but don't.  Perhaps because I enjoy countdowns, and it seems fun to have a place where you can countdown your many birthdays in your 40's.

Now the most recent blog I created is what you can say the sister blog of this young baby blog.  The mother being My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands.

I begun running last year in Summer.  This is something I have been wanting to do since I was a little girl of 9 or 10 y.o..There were countless times I started but never followed through.  Years of years of finding reason not to, until one day when I was yet thinking of it and saw that it was the 8th of August, and for some random reason stumbled upon in the internet the 8K race in Amsterdam.  It was an event within the annual marathon. 

It was not until I have been running for 3 months that I took time to create a place with a purpose of documenting my transformation: Happy Feet of a Couch Potato, seems to be the apt blog title for this metamorphoses.

You might ask, why yet another blog?!  I guess because I see each journey we make in life like a new book in the library of our lifetime.  In this virtual world, I feel that every journey we would like to document deserves a separate blog.

This blog - Happy Feet in the Netherlands - will be the home for the stories of my running through the Netherlands.  Welcome. :)