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Running 2014 in Images (HFNL Blog Appendage 4)


This blogpost is what l call a "HFNL blog appendage".  

In the blogpost When A Look Back Year, Fuels the Future - the blog to which this post is an appendage to - I wrote summaries for each of my running year. 

The blog had brief summaries of 2011-2014, as my effort to break down what for me seems to always be a mammoth project: writing all untold HFNL running stories.  This will be the foundation to a book project. A childhood dream.

I have mentioned it in previous blogs but for the sake of new readers and followers, I would like to write this fyi, here again:

most of my blogs are published even if they are in their raw form and I often edit it many times (adding links, details I forgot or editing text for improvement & better comprehension).

My blog, I greet you randomly, 2015! helped me continue in this blogging style  because it is what works for me as a storyteller, even if it removes me from what one can define as mainstream blogging. 

In writing that blog, I've come to realize again: it is I who stand in my own way of "story telling".  Story telling is something that gives me joy if I simply let myself do it freely.  I also stand in my way of realising my potential to be a better runner for the very same reason - I block myself from running.

I look back with gratefulness to the past 3 running years, and this grateful heart will fuel this new running year and the other years to come.  I might not be the fastest nor the strongest but I am a definitely a runner, who is determined to be better each (slow!) step of the way.

Hopefully, my stories will contribue to your (running) beginnings or perhaps even it's revival.

January - August

#Vondelparkloop (10K/6.7 km)
#ZandvoortCircuitRun (5K)
#CPCloop (half-marathon)
#SpierenvoorSpierenCityRun (10K)
#EnschedeMarathon (10K)
#MarathonRotterdam (10K -relay)
#Marikenloop (10K)
#WeOwnTheNight2014 (10K)
#LuxembourgNightMarathon (half-marathon)
#Stoomtramloop (10K)
#VechtloopWeesp (10K)
#ChaseSummer Nike Challenge (78 km in 4 weeks)

September - December

21.09.14 Dam tot Damloop  (sponsored by Meeùs10EM = 16 km

28.09.14 Posbankloop  (sponsored by Meeùs)  6,2 km

05.10.14 Stichting de Bredase Singelloop (sponsored by Meeùs10K

12.10.14 Ajax Foundation Run (first edition 10K)

19.10.14 TCS Amsterdam Marathon; I  won a bib! I had a severe anxiety attack the weekend of the marathon, that I missed checking my PM on FB, and missed the message relaying that I can participate via the organization.

09.11.14 Olympic Stadium (Amsterdam)loop 10K

16.11.14 Zevenheuvelenloop (sponsored by Meeùs) 15K

07.12.14 Bruggenloop Rotterdam  Distance: 15K

10 EM Dam tot Damloop

6,2 km Posbankloop 


10K Bredasingelloop



(Since I would like to complete the HFNL blog appendages today, I simplified the 2014 version.  I'll be updating this blog this week, so if you would like to see the complete (extensive) version of 2014 races/fitness events pictures, please check back! :) )

update 24.01.14 4:00 am

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