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Running 2012 in Images (HFNL blog appendage 2)


This blogpost is what l call a "HFNL blog appendage".  

In the blogpost When A Look Back Year, Fuels the Future - the blog to which this post is an appendage to - I wrote summaries for each of my running year. 

The blog had brief summaries of 2011-2014, as my effort to break down what for me seems to always be a mammoth project: writing all untold HFNL running stories.  This will be the foundation to a book project. A childhood dream.

I have mentioned it in previous blogs but for the sake of new readers and followers, I would like to write this fyi, here again:

most of my blogs are published even if they are in their raw form and I often edit it many times (adding links, details I forgot or editing text for improvement & better comprehension).

My blog, I greet you randomly, 2015! helped me continue in this blogging style  because it is what works for me as a storyteller, even if it removes me from what one can define as mainstream blogging. 

In writing that blog, I've come to realize again: it is I who stand in my own way of "story telling".  Story telling is something that gives me joy if I simply let myself do it freely.  I also stand in my way of realising my potential to be a better runner for the very same reason - I block myself from running.

I look back with gratefulness to the past 3 running years, and this grateful heart will fuel this new running year and the other years to come.  I might not be the fastest nor the strongest but I am a definitely a runner, who is determined to be better each (slow!) step of the way.

Hopefully, my stories will contribue to your (running) beginnings or perhaps even it's revival.


6,5 km  Vondelpark Run - Amsterdam - my first run/race in a park.


Meeting the founder of the Amsterdam Running Junkies is something I count as memorable in the running year 2012.  This group has inspired me and motivated me in the year I ran my marathons.

AMSTERDAM Running Junkies

on Facebook

Ryan Tjin, RJ Godfather :) by the first ever Nike Run Club run
September, 2012

I created this collage 3 years ago to remember the first time I visited the RJ HQ.  Except for the bottom image (not quiet sure who to give credit to it but it was shot by one of the RJs), all pictures are mine


5K RW's Zandvoort Circuit - my first run on a circuit.  


9th of April

5K Jaarbeurs Utrecht Marathon

22nd of April
5K Hilversum City Run

29th of April

11.5 kms (last runner of 42.195 kms relay marathon with ((2nd)Eva, (3rd) Lianne and (1st) Udjen
Hamburg Relay Marathon

This was important turning point for me. I wanted to know through this marathon relay if a marathon is truly something I would like to dedicate my time and effort in.  

I struggled mentally more than physically in this experience (a detailed documentation of this marathon relay adventure to follow in another marathon blog series - a much delayed!).  It is one of the most memorable part of running 2012.


10K Marikenloop - this is the start of my "love affair" with Marikenloop.  Next to the Bruggenloop, this is a run, I would not want to miss (so far, I have not!), and have run 3 years in a row. :)


10th of June
5K Ladiesrun Rotterdam 

24th of June

15K Vechtloop, Weesp - my first ever 15K race. One of my slowest 15K but I had so much fun running this event in the rain.  The following year it would be one of the hottest HM, I've ever ran.

After Bruggenloop, & Marikenloop, Vechtloop Weesp follows in the series of my favorite race in Holland, which I've ran 3 times in a row (2012: 15K; 2013: HM; 2014: 10K).

30th of June

My 10K  Utregse Meidenloop collage is one of those humbling reminder, when I get dissatisfied with my "slow progress".  Here I am with my widest smile because I ran 1:14:13 in a 10K after 10 months of running.

 In May, 2013, I ran 1:01:40 in the 10K event of Marikenloop, 2 months later, I got injured.  In 2014, I made a lackluster attempt to work on my 10K time but I let my mental block get in my way.  

This month, I am belatedly celebrating my 2014 efforts, and will look at this collage, whenever I feel pangs of dissatisfaction creeps in and eats up at my joy in running - specifically the joy of "running slow".

Nike+ Summer Challenges - memorable and at least 3-4 posts worth in a blog series! 


9th of September
10EM Bridge to Bridge - my first ever 16K, and first run in Arnhem.

23rd of September 
10EM Dam tot Damloop - my 2nd damloop but my first 10 EM distance in the event (1st Damloop was a 4 EM).

30th of September
42.195 kms 
39th Berlin Marathon 

My first marathon in Berlin was memorable in so many ways, and my being featured in it's 2012 highlights is on top of the reason why!

October 42.195 kms  Amsterdam Marathon 

November 15K Zevenheuvelenloop 

December 15K Bruggenloop Rotterdam 
Two days after my first Bruggenloop, we learned that we were featured in the video clip presenting the highlights of BGL12
update 24.01.14 4:00 am

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