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Running 2013 in Images (HFNL blog appendage 3)


This blogpost is what l call a "HFNL blog appendage".  

In the blogpost When A Look Back Year, Fuels the Future - the blog to which this post is an appendage to - I wrote summaries for each of my running year. 

The blog had brief summaries of 2011-2014, as my effort to break down what for me seems to always be a mammoth project: writing all untold HFNL running stories.  This will be the foundation to a book project. A childhood dream.

I have mentioned it in previous blogs but for the sake of new readers and followers, I would like to write this fyi, here again:

most of my blogs are published even if they are in their raw form and I often edit it many times (adding links, details I forgot or editing text for improvement & better comprehension).

My blog, I greet you randomly, 2015! helped me continue in this blogging style  because it is what works for me as a storyteller, even if it removes me from what one can define as mainstream blogging. 

In writing that blog, I've come to realize again: it is I who stand in my own way of "story telling".  Story telling is something that gives me joy if I simply let myself do it freely.  I also stand in my way of realising my potential to be a better runner for the very same reason - I block myself from running.

I look back with gratefulness to the past 3 running years, and this grateful heart will fuel this new running year and the other years to come.  I might not be the fastest nor the strongest but I am a definitely a runner, who is determined to be better each (slow!) step of the way.

Hopefully, my stories will contribue to your (running) beginnings or perhaps even it's revival.


Something I only realised myself after running this popular (known for being the most challenging HM in Holland) race is I never ran a half-marathon race before I ran my two marathons in 2012!  Not the ideal first half-marathon I envisioned, and second slowest half-marathon I've ran so far.  But I remember this half-marathon with pride.  I've missed it two years in a row but it only makes me determined to run it well, when I do manage to finally to do so again.


Meeting the beautiful ladies behind the blog GirlsLove2Run in person, after following their blog for almost a year, was the memorable high point of February, 2013.

Unfinished business - my first DNF,

read more on the blogpost, The Halves I Ran in 2013


CPC Loop Den Haag is so far my fastest half-marathon.


Paris Marathon 2013 Medal
Paris Marathon 2013 Medal

26th of May

This is one of my favorite ladies run, and 10K distance event!  My best Marikenloop was also my best 10K (PR) evah; it is the first time I let my time be engraved on my medal (encouraged by Mijn Liefste P!).

My Marikenloop  through the years (2012, '13 & '14)

18th of May

10K WOTN - Nike Ladies Run in Amsterdam: fun!

9th of May
De Loop van Leidsche Rijn 15K First Edition - 1st Loopmaatjes Business Team Run 

De Loop van Leidsche Rijn

De Loop van Leidsche Rijn 2013 Medal
De Loop van Leidsche Rijn 2013 Medal

De Loop van Leidsche Rijn 2013 Medal
After the run, a quick snap with Mr. Loopmaatjes, one of the nicest guy in the running community


8th of June
I love running in Luxembourg, and ING Night Marathon Luxembourg is a race outside of Holland, I count as my favorite.  I would even say, one breath shy away from preferring it over Berlin Marathon.  But since so far I have only ran the half-marathon of this race, I can't officially say I prefer it over Berlin!

2nd of June
Drie Dorpenloop

This was my first run on "home turf".  Ironically the worst (pre-race) panic attack, on my so far fastest race ever.

30th of June
HM Vechtloop, Weesp.

Memorable not only because I was the last runner, and unlike the sad isolated incident with one volunteer, which I experienced my being the last runner in the 10K Olympic Stadium run, the organizers and volunteers of this event treated me with respect as a last runner.

Although this HM was one of the hottest I've ever  experienced, and actually even if I was last runner,  it is one of my (second) fastest HM!

July/August - 

In hindsight I call this "When #BAM2013 went OUCH!" ...OR also known as "The Summer I Met Mr Morton's Neuroma."

Having fun during my 15K training run...this is the day I felt the first pinch and prick on my inflammed toe nerve.

23K training run...I was in denial and kept running even when I constantly felt pricking pain.

I even went barefoot and ran my longest ran without shoes on the beach for the first time just to avoid facing the reality that there was something wrong with my foot.

Is it possible to feel so happy & frustrated at the same time?

Happy Feet had to finally face reality of  letting go of running a series of 3 marathons in 2013.

In my Nike+ acitivity the record (print screen image(s) to follow) showed I ran 1 km for this month.  Due to my injury I was to rest but since I did not want to break my running streak record, I ran at least a km for this month

I ran 100 km in July (while dealing with my injury), 23 km in August (before my diagnosis) & in October 39.9 km (after I got special insoles) 


Did I fail to mention, stubborn is my actual my real name and "specially lucky" is what most call me ? :)

My comeback after my first injury? Winning a bib for the Meeus sponsored run in Breda.

5K Breda Singeloop.

Followed by....

My slowest but one of my most special HM so far: Amsterdam marathon 2013.  

With two new pairs of shoes to house my new pair of insoles, I ran this 5K & half-marathon, feeling very happy & yes, lucky!


My first back to back 7HL: Zevenheuvelennacht (5K) Saturday, and (my second) Zevenheuvelenloop, Sunday. It is also the first time I saw Mr. Erben Wennemars, former Dutch Olympic athlete in speed skating, and currently Meeus Run Club's ambassador. I won yet again a bib via Meeus, this time in a VIP package! Never give up spirit does get rewarded. :)


A slower Bruggenloop but this did not dampen the fact that I ran this event with joy, and most noteworthy without pain!

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