Sunday, January 18, 2015

Running 2011 in Images (HFNL blog appendage 1)


This blogpost is the first of  what I will start calling as "HFNL blog appendage".    
In the blogpost When A Look Back Year, Fuels the Future - the blog to which this post is an appendage to - I wrote summaries for each of my running year. 

The blog had brief summaries of 2011-2014, as my effort to break down what for me seems to always be a mammoth project: writing all untold HFNL running stories.  This will be the foundation to a book project. A childhood dream.

I have mentioned it in previous blogs but for the sake of new readers and followers, I would like to write this fyi, here again:

most of my blogs are published even if they are in their raw form and I often edit it many times (adding links, details I forgot or editing text for improvement & better comprehension).

My blog, I greet you randomly, 2015! helped me continue in this blogging style  because it is what works for me as a storyteller, even if it removes me from what one can define as mainstream blogging. 

In writing that blog, I've come to realize again: it is I who stand in my own way of "story telling".  Story telling is something that gives me joy if I simply let myself do it freely.  I also stand in my way of realising my potential to be a better runner for the very same reason - I block myself from running.

I look back with gratefulness to the past 3 running years, and this grateful heart will fuel this new running year and the other years to come.  I might not be the fastest nor the strongest but I am a definitely a runner, who is determined to be better each (slow!) step of the way.

Hopefully, my stories will contribue to your (running) beginnings or perhaps even it's revival.


8K Walk on  the 8th of August - Ankeveen to Kortenhoef and back - my first ever training day.

5K - Mom in Balance's Pink Ribbon Run - Amsterdam Bos.  My first ever 5K and trail run.


4EM - Run2Day Ladies Damloop.  Below is my first ever running medal (one of my top 5 favorite in what are now countless of bling collection!).


6,5 km Good Morning City Run Amsterdam.  A run the day before my first ever 8K race.

8K in the Amsterdam Marathon event.  My first ever 8K.  The race that made me step out of the door on the 8th of August.

9- 10K  Run2Day (Amsterdam) Halloween Run

We participated in the first ever Run2Day Halloween Run and instantly got featured in the first video clip.

November 10K Olympic Stadium Run

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