Friday, December 27, 2013

Morning Milers - Stronger in 2014

The idea to Morning Milers is inspired by the current
Happy Feet in the Netherlands'
Winter Run Challenge
aka Running4Badges: CoolRunning
Have you always wanted to regularly sleep early?

Have you always wanted to regularly wake up early?

Are you working on a strong body for a stronger mind in 2014?

Well, we have the same goals! #MorningMilers #Stronger2014

If you appreciate daily motivation, daily cheers from people with the same goals, then join me as we make 2014 the most active year ever! As early - in the morning! - as possible!

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.”
Meister Eckhart

I ♡ angels of inspirations all around.

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It does not matter what activity it is - what matters most is taking the first step to be active and  making the effort to do it as early, as consistently as possible all through out the year.

It takes 30 days to create a habit! Motivate others; motivate yourself!

Make 2014 your most active year, and encourage those nearest to you to do the same.

Walk, run, bike, swim, do yoga, do pilates or any work-out of your choice (you can choose one these activities, or a combination of these activities to do alternately during the week) between 4 am - 11 am for 30 consecutive days in 2014. Cheer for others for (at least!) 3 consecutive months.

Document and share your progress (photos, documented stats of your runs/walks) here.

Share this event and your goal in different social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc) using hashtags #MorningMilers #Stronger2014.

For details, updates like Happy Feet in the Netherlands FB page, follow this blog  and the @HappyFeetNL Twitter channel.

Questions, ideas? Post a comment on this event page, or send an FB PM, or an email:


If I can run, so can you: big dreams are reached with baby steps!