Monday, March 26, 2012

A Dream Coming True with a "Little" Help from (Amsterdam Running Junkies) Friends

Amsterdam Running Junkies
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A quick blog!

I don't want to end the day without recording for posterity that my dream of running the Hamburg Marathon before my 40th birthday is slowly coming true - with a bit of modification! :D

First, it's not (yet!) going to be single handedly running the full Hamburg Marathon  but as a part of a  Hamburg Marathon Relay Team (although this year, I am running  my first full @ Berlin Marathon!).

This will be the first time in it's 27th edition, that Hamburg marathon is allowing in the event, team relay participation .

Second, it's after I turned 40, a milestoneI celebrated last 20th of March!

What I've learned recently - if you will allow my 40 year old self to be philosophical :) -  modifying dreams have sweet side-effects.

Sharing this dream with Amsterdam Running Junkies, is part of my personal development .

I've learned to reach out and ask for assistance  to reach a personal goal.  If I would have done it alone i.e. run the Hamburg full marathon myself , I would've had to wait at least another year, if not 2 more years.

This way, I can still say Hamburg this April is my first marathon before I run Berlin in September.  Both cities being very meaningful places in my personal history.

Hamburg, Summer 2011 by the Cityhall
Berlin, Summer 2009  by the Brandenburger Gate

Even though running is a personal adventure, an odyssey to your-self, a discovered-self - shared dream, shared joy, shared running experience, heightens & strengthens your passion for life even more.

My collage documenting my first meeting with the Running Junkies last February

Cheers to Amsteram Running Junkies for their generous assistance! May this team work be a running experience to remember. :) And hopefully a beginning of a tradition!

I'll be writing separate posts introducing all the members of the
Running Junkies Amsterdam Hamburg Relay Team!


  1. good luck to your run and happy birthday =)

  2. Great! Happy running!
    Friends are really treasure.

  3. Good luck! You are an inspiration!:)

  4. belated happy birthday!! and goodluck on your run!! God bless! ;)

  5. New follower. Love the blog. Good luck on the marathon ~ that's great! It's amazing how running and writing go hand in hand for some. I get most of my writing ideas when I'm running.

  6. A milestone indeed! My 32 y/o laze arse can't do even a half marathon :( Haha!

  7. Keep running and be safe! God bless you always in your healthy endeavor.

  8. Saan kayo nakakakuha ng energy? Grabe! Ang gagaling ninyo.

  9. Keep running! Cheers! Please swing by page too!

  10. Wow! Best of luck to you and be safe!

  11. Belated happy birthday to you! Good luck and happy running! :)
    - Sionee

  12. I hope I could still run when I reach your age. ^_^

  13. Yay...this is great...good luck on your ruunning events.

  14. 40th, it doesn't show, joanna... you look younger. i should start running... hehehe. belated. Yahweh bless.

  15. Running junkies? as if group of people with the love for running?, I want to join, it's just that, Im here in the Philippines. LOL

  16. Wow I thought you were still in your 20's.

  17. wooaa.. running this I cannot do hahaha.. maybe with just 1k.. my legs would be in cramps hahahah.. well good luck to you and be sure to stay young and fit... I agree with ms. calvo there.. I thought too that you are in your 20's still.. ciao have a nice day


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