Thursday, December 12, 2013

FB Down: Update on #Running4Badges Event

screen shot of the Christmas Clock (2013)
(the time is when I started writing this blog)
Last night I went to bed early.

I orignally wanted to do an update at Happy Feet in the NL's FB page for the Winter Run Challenge aka #Running4Badges: #CoolRunning.

Unfortunately, FB is down for me, and upon checking today it seems that it continues to be inaccessible.

this is currently how my FB page looks
when I log-in, since yesterday

So if you are a participant in the event, and you have already fulfilled the task, my apologies if I am unable to award you the corresponding badge!
At this point, I am not sure what to do about this situation. From previous experience, it is going to be a long wait to get a response to any FB personal account queries.

Since I am unable to view FB, I am also unable to follow the posts of participants on the event page.

Hopefully, tonight or tomorrow the glitch is fixed.

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