Monday, December 23, 2013

2013: A Year of Thanks. A Positive Year.

A personal gift from K. of Lunatik Athletiks
 “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”
Herman Melville

Today, after lunch our youngest, excitedly brought in the mail.

She loves bringing in the mail.  With twinkle in her eyes, she announced, "Christmas cards!" as she held out with her little hands envelopes of assorted sizes and colours.

One of them was from Kelly of  Lunatik Athletiks whom I met via social media channels and worked together with for  #Crazy4Running campaign.

Her season's greetings (and the very thoughtful gift!!!!!!!!!) was extra special for me because through her generous spirit and lovely gesture, she gave me the a sign I was searching for.

(Excerpt of what was written in K's Holidays greetings below:

The bracelet is made of red agate, yellow tiger eye, and blue agate.

Tiger eye is a very protective stone.  It has powerful, dynamic energy with a watchful quality.

Tiger eye can help clear confusion and attract a more clear and balanced state of mind.

The Hamsa hand charm: draws positive energy, happiness, riches and health.

Wishing you the Best Christmas & a blessed Holiday.
A snapshot of me wearing the bracelet to mark and preserve the special occasion.
If you look closely on the left side of the picture are the happy toes of our youngest.
It made me smile, and I thought I should leave it, and not edit it out. :)

I have been strongly contemplating on giving up blogging, social media and the internet in general for  the last couple of months.

There are numerous reasons why I felt the strong need to do this.  One single powerful reason, which have kept me going, in sharing my struggles and triumphs for the world to read:

I want to contribute in making a positive change in the world, in my own simple way; I know I am not alone,  through the people I have met, and continue to meet. People who makes a positive difference in life, in their own simple way. People who gives one hope that the world is a brighter place with them in it.

These people are long time friends, or friends I met only recently but feel deep connection with, who I feel I have known all my life.   Many of them, I am limited to staying in touch online because oceans, or continents separates us.  The internet magically keeps us connected.

Having them in my life is a constant positive reminder to focus on the good things life brings.  They give me strength to face and let go of the not so positive things, that belongs to life, too.

2013. A most challenging year to date has been a positive year thanks to all the positivity of these people.

People like me, who deals with manic depression can easily fall into isolation. Thanks to the positive power of the internet, these situation has become less and less for me through the years.

Internet (blogging, writing, sharing) + running = Happy Feet. :)

A collage of gratefulness and empowerment.

Today, I also received something very positive in my regular email  from Runner's World. I took it as another positive sign, showing the path for 2014. The message is one of my most favourite quote:

Motivation, I believe comes from something powerful from within  all of us (our belief in ourselves, in our strength), and from without (positive people, meaningful events), if we let them be a part of us.
Running Bruggenloop 2013
Blogging  helps me in creating and keeping good habits. It keeps me focused.

The people that came into my life through blogging reminds me of this, specially at times I need it most.

Berlin Marathon 2012

I thank each and everyone of you, whom I've met before I started blogging (you planted seed of positivity in me), whom I met through blogging (you remind me of the positive spirit) and who I have yet to meet ( you make me look forward with hope).

Thank you for inspiring, and keeping the inspiring spirit alive.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year full of positive energy!


  1. I'm so glad you got this beautifully timed gift :-) Thanks, in turn, for sharing your inspiration and motivation with the rest of us. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Kari!!! Have a wonderful Christmas, too!!!


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