Tuesday, December 10, 2013

14 Days to Christmas: Introducing A Look Back Blog Series

Bruggenloop 2012
screen shot of the  Christmas Clock (2013)
(the time is when I started writing this blog) 

I love countdowns.

Consulting the Christmas Clock (2013), it is 14 days until Christmas!

Since I admit and write about it often, I am guessing everyone, who has been following for a while now  knows, that  I am lousy at posting detailed race recaps punctually.

So, I've actually accumulated more than 2 years worth of race recaps.  28 months of enthusiastic and unforgettable running experiences to be exact!

Breaking it down (a tentative list below, which I might have to eventually edit for some corrections and replace with a proper table of statistics!) :
                                2011            2012              2013            December 2013 (still upcoming races)
5Ks                      =    1                   3                   1/DNS                        1
4M                       =    1                   1                   0
7K                        =    0                   0                   1                                 1
8K                        =    1                   0                   0                       
10K                      =    2                   3/DNS          2/DNS                        1
15K                      =    DNS             3                    3                                1
10M                     =    0                    2                  DNS
Half-Marathon     =    0                    0                  5/DNF
Full-Marathon     =     0                   2                   1/DNS
                                   5                   14                  13        

The tentative table gives a total of  32 race recaps +/- those I've already done.

I may have a slow pace in many things such as running, and blogging but what I have for both these passions are persistence and perseverance! :)

My plan is to write at least 2-3 recaps every day for the next  every month of the next year days. (11.12.13 EDIT: Due to other personal priorities, I am changing the 13 days to the next 13-14 months - December 2013 - January, 2015)

What always stands in my way is wanting to do things perfectly. You know what happens when you have this need; the blogs are either written too long, or not written at all.

My plan: simplify, and write from the heart.

Whew! Feels good to get that out. I owe this renewed blogging energy to a current project. :)

You can check out this project - an ongoing event I am hosting at Happy Feet in the NL's FB page called Winter Run Challenge aka #Running4Badges: #CoolRunning

As I mentioned in Introducing: Happy Feet in the Netherlands' Badge, it was an idea born when I started running.

I wanted to wait until next year to share the idea but I thought as much as I would love to motivate others to keep running, the project will help me stay motivated as well!

The event at it's early stage is reminding me  continuously why I love to run, why I begun blogging, and how I would like to reach out to people via FB page of Happy Feet NL, who share the same hopes & dreams and  passion & dedication . 

It gave me back the sharp focus I needed.

Running for me is as a gift.
A gift you give yourself, and others. 
A gift that keeps on giving.

Bruggenloop 2012

Running is unceasingly finding your way back to your genuine self.

Bruggenloop 2013

Running is facing & overcoming life's obstacles repeatedly. 
Yes. Again, and again, and again.

Bruggenloop 2013

Running is inspiring and being inspired!
with Amsterdam Running Junkies soul/solesister Mo,
finishing her first BGL!

Running is shared passion,
shared struggle,
shared triumph,
and shared happiness.

Amsterdam Running Junkies
photo courtesy of Wilbert v. L.!


  1. That's a lot of race recaps. Have fun writing about running!

    1. Thanks, Tina!

      I find it an ideal time to do so, and hopefully I will keep to my own "rules": simplify, and write from the heart. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Caroline!

      Loved the theme of your most recent post - #yearofrunning13


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