Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vondelparkloop 2014

Yesssssssss! Finally after a long running drought, I ran, bathed in the lights and happiness of runners, who all celebrated the 40th Edition of Vondelpark Run this weekend.

First, a Sentimental Journey to my first Vondelpark Run ~ 2012

My Stats:
5 months of running experience
ran a 5K, 4M, 10K in the months prior to this event
1st race in 6,7 km distance
ran it in 55:19

Short Story:

Not feeling top fit but ran on the 15th of January, 2012 because I was excited to run the event. I fell in love with Vondelpark, the first time mijn liefste P brought me there, and it seem fitting that I run it as part of my young running adventures.

Long Story:
I shared a longer version of my first Vondelpark Run experience for the FlyingBlue Running Blogging Competion.

running beside a lady, I met at the start
After the run of Vondelpark 2012

Now, on to Vondelpark Run ~2014!

My Stats
  • 2 years 5 months of running experience
  • ran a LOT in these 29 months! (including 3 marathons)
  • ran a back to back for this 40th edition ~ 10K in the evening of the 18th and the 6,7 km revisited in the morning of the 19th!
  • my best time in the 10K is 01:01:40; I ran 1:10:25 for this event
  • my best time in the 5K is 00:30:24 (during a 10K in Marikenloop 2013), and for the 7K (during the Driedorpenloop 2013) 41:49; I ran (based on my watch, no official time released yet) 4.28 miles in 48:21

Short Story:

I'm a sentimental runner! :) I love running events, I've previously ran, and most of all I love anniversary edition of running events.

Vondelpark Run 2014, 40th Edition fulfilled both.

Long Story :

Vondelparkloop ~ Light The Night

Meg's Miles ( )
I had a fabulous time! The night was truly made special and magical through the lights worn by the runners, and lights set up at different points of the course.

Get an impression of the night through various pictures shared by:

Running Matters
Run2Day Amsterdam
Phanos Amsterdam

The route was not new to me. In the 29 months of running, I've ran around it, through it, parts of it countless of times, during day and night time.

The cheering enthusiastic crowd in the park gave the evening a beautiful positive energy. It was literally a LOVELY surprise - in the dark! - to get cheered by Ada, a  very positive supportive friend I met through AMS Running Junkies. *MUAH* Thanks, @da!

(No picture but thanks Irene, Mo's friend for cheering along the way!)
Ada  and  Eva @LittleEveGrows
the following day
I did not get to see Ada anymore
Personally, I was satisfied with the organization of the event. Drink post midway, and energy drinks were given at the end of the race.  There were also a number of volunteers along the route.

My friend Lianne, picked up my bib for me, and that gave me a bit of peace to prepare for the journey to Amsterdam with my family. We did not have to be too early, and stand in the cold with our little girl. Thanks again, Lianne!

Monique aka Mo, was very generous, paced me during the 3 rounds around the park, and ran with me with a the entire time with good humor.  We got separated at the last 100-200 meters, where I lost momentum (due to lack of training). If it was not for her, I would have not ran as fast as I did. Thanks again, Mo!

BELATED EDIT - got a tag last night on FB by Mo for our picture together running Saturday evening :)

Vicky, congratulated us at the finishline, and ask a lady to take this commemorative photo with his mobile phone; I am always grateful to have friends around, who always have their cameras with them. Great moment captured; we all finished the 40th edition of Vondelpark Run! Thanks again, Vicky!

Amsterdam Running Junkies after the finish
left to right:
Mo, Lianne, Vicky, & moi
The next day . . .
The Story Behind #DYR (Dedicate Your Run)
Vondelparkloop then...
photo credit :  cover page of  Running Matters
Vondelparkloop 40th Edition...
photo credit: Daniel Andriessen, originally shared on Running Matters FB page
Fellow AMS Running Junkie/soul/solesister, Eva @LittleEveGrows took this picture
as I neared the finish line in my second and last round in the park;
I was VERY happy to see her!
Annnnnnnnd, here we I am together with :) Eva @LittleEveGrows
Wilbert, also an  AMS Running Junkie friend
thoughtfully took this picture of Eva and I
Congratulations again on your back to back PRs this weekend, Wilby!
Thanks and *MUAHS* to you both!
No picture but special thanks to Anoek for the congratulatory hugs after my 6,7 km run!

Squeezing in a photo planking opportunity!

The run during the day was as special as the evening run.

Get an impression of the day through various pictures shared by:

Running Matters

I was very delighted, that I was able to run this back to back race weekend even though I barely ran in the last weeks. My fitness base obviously remains strong due to my active personal/family life (biking 20-30 km a day).

Vondelparkloop  40th edition was truly a great kick off to start Running 2014! Can't wait for the 41st edition!


  1. Glad you got in a great run and had fun!

    1. Thanks, Tina!

      It was indeed two great runs and lots of fun!


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