Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 2: Running @Kinderdijk

Day 2 : 17 Weeks 

Can you see me? The tiny white dot from the distance? This was captured by mijn liefste P

I decided against running the 10K event in Germany, which I signed up a month before.  I blogged about it @ My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands.

This is a back-dated post because the weekend was busy, and I was only able to write a post about why we stayed in the Netherlands instead of spending the weekend in Germany as planned.  But not how I ran in a very special place, quiet spontaneously. I thought that story, I'll save here because it's a typical Happy Feet in the Netherlands story.

Who thought an episode which was awful and sad would bring us to Kinderdijk!

Well, the family was able to spin the negative situation to a positive experience.

We were able to combine family quality time, we all enjoyed liesurely with my training.

couple of meters before I complted my run, captured by mijn liefste P

I ran almost 7 kms while mijn liefste P and our girls absorb the idyllic atmosphere of Kinderdijk at their own pace.

Eldest and youngest having fun! Captured by mijn liefste P
Middle child giving a raspberry to her older sister, who was behind the lens

youngest loves feathered friends, captured by mijn liefste P

It was a lovely run! I started my run around 6 pm and the sun was still shining warmly until the end. I had to take off my sun-glasses eventually half way through my run because it was hurting the bridge of my nose. Also, my facial skin I noticed needs extra moisturizing when I run with my face to the sun (even when wearing a running cap!).  Got to make a note of doing something about both.

Of course my family could not accompany me through the entire route of my run - so they missed the path where there were not many visitors taking pictures of the windmills, where it was relatively serene.

Eldest captured this image while I was still running

We are planning to remedy that in the future by either renting bikes or finally getting a bike carrier for our car.

I love, love, love running along the Molenkade, and wished it could be my regular route to run because it was simply spectacular to see the windmills along the route, not to mention the natural beauty of the nature in the surrounding area.

Although the flock of geese I encountered along the way, scared me a little bit with their hissing, I still found them charming, as I am aware they can be quiet aggressive because they are worried about their youngs, at this time of the year.

Whether it's a running event, or a simple training run, the girls are alway joyous to welcome me @ the "finish line" :)

This day was special training day not only because something spectacular came out from something sad; it showed me so clearly how very lucky I am. I have my loving family, who supports me, I have a healthy body, which enables me to experience a wide spectrum of joy, and I am blessed to  be able to see and experience  the beauty and wonders of this country, we now call our home.

Ladybug, which eldest discovered while they were walking along Molenkade on mijn liefste P's Summer pants - I found it adorable! :)


  1. This pictures reminds me of the song "funny day". :) haha that song is really nice.

  2. I think the weather in netherlands is perfect for a run. I've been there way back in 2003 for a connecting flight and was able to tour the place a few hours. The windmills make the run such a scenic route.

  3. Nice! How I wish we have places like that here in Manila, all we have here are malls and condos! ;(

  4. Just like what Im doing in Cali. I love to run especially when Im with my family. You looks so happy with those cute kids. I love the photos. :)

  5. Wow! The place seems so conducive for those kinds of activities! ;)

  6. Wow! You are very lucky to be doing your thing in a place as beautiful as The Netherlands.

    Wish I could start running myself. I'm quickly turning morbidly obese. Haha!

  7. Your kids are so cute! You have a very lovely family. It's always nice seeing families do activities together and bond.

  8. Very nice place and weather, just perfect for your run. My sister is there living with her family, wish to visit her.

  9. spending quality time with kids is really something to cherish ,the children is the first and foremost happy with it. I love the windmill photos, there is something about it that and of course the sight of you and your daughters.

  10. I love the place, I feels like I'm close with nature. Jogging in that kind of place will be so much fun..

  11. Great experience.. fun run! Netherlands is sure a beautiful place

  12. I miss jogging especially with my cousins. That was 10 year ago pa but still I miss it.

  13. wow. i wish i could go there.. someday..

  14. What a great place to spend some running time. I mean, the scenery and the relaxing-unpolluted atmosphere really makes your run comfortable and enjoyable.

  15. If I accepted my company's offer to train me abroad, I would have jogged there too. :D

  16. looks really beautiful there :))

  17. It's more fun running along with your kids.
    I'm sure, you feel utmost joy knowing that
    they enjoyed the activity as well.


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