Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why We DO IT Wednesday: 5 Weeks of Training and A Very Important Trip

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” 

Yesterday, I was feeling very motivated to run but because I ran 3 consecutive days in a row, I "forced" myself to not give in to the "running addiction" motivation.

Running is a gift. I have to smile at the end of every training because of gratefulness; I can run again and again because I am physically healthy.
When I finished my run last Monday, I was extremely happy and grateful. It was the culmination of 3 runs in a row:
Saturday, 18th of February: 5.50 km easy to warm up for Sunday's first two digit long distance run
Sunday, 19th of February: 10 km easy build up
Monday, 20th of February: 5 km shake out run.
They are mini- run successes worthy of a huge smile! 
I  rarely have "a  triumphant trio run" of this kind. I did not plan it but I have been wishing it will happen during my Berlin marathon training, naturally. Hopefully more of this simple triumphs will come in the next weeks!

I need the rest, and have to wait and stick it out with  the plan for Berlin Marathon 2017: build up slowly, work on being strong, stay focused on why I am running Berlin and BE in the process. No rush. No living it up for short-lived rewards.

"Bloom through the concrete!"

This morning, I woke up early and stood up right after my husband kissed me goodbye and left for work.  I half-heartedly ate a just on the edge of being ripe banana and drank coffee (yup, the coffee I was trying to give up!) to wake up my sluggish body even though my mind was already in manic mode.

I mentioned my wish to give up coffee
during Training Week 1, 2, 3

My compromise, drink at least 1-2 mugs  a week.

When I looked outside, there was a twinge of regret that I resisted yesterday's urge to run!  The sky is overcast and my motivation metaphorically hid behind the clouds of self-sabotaging negative thoughts and anxiousness over this week's trip.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 
― Lao Tzu

I meditate on the power of these wise words and the memory of a great trip to Hamburg, Autumn 2015

I am munching on a peanut butter sandwich as I write this blogpost.  Hopefully, after I finished this blog, my sandwich has settled and I can run; this process (decluttering my mind) is my way of being pro-active and banishing all these negative thoughts and energy, which threaten to drown me.

No one can help me out of these debilitating anxiety attacks but myself.  The more I expect "help", "miracle", "impulse" to come from the outside, the more I am wrought by inner-pain.  I've been here - the cycle of falling in a hole, climbing out of it - a thousand times to know: the feeling will disappear, the moment will pass and strength will be gained, when I continuously face the situation I dread, the many unknowns, that I fear.

The trip would mean a lot to the process of stabilising my mental health.  It is one little step of many for this year.  When I reach the proverbial finish line, I can focus on taking good care of my family, my health, working, studying and enjoying our simple life, here in the Netherlands.

Motivation, are you there yet?! :)

Looking back at the weekly recap of Berlin Marathon training,  I am filled with a sense of quiet fulfillment and a deep sense of pride.  I am focused.  I am determined.  I am not giving up! I will continue to steadfastly work on running strong and have fun in the process.

My reward: I get a chance to run in Berlin again, 5 years after I finished my first marathon successfully.  It's symbolic for all the many chances I get in life again and again. Chances I do not take for granted.

Are we running, today? Heck yeah!

UPDATED 22.02.17 23:06, Wednesday

Yeah! :D

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