Sunday, February 26, 2017


I shared this image in my @happyfeetnl Instagram account
to remind myself why I am back at using that social media tool.

My mixed feelings on being on that platform still remains.  I am choosing (at this point) to confront those feelings and hopefully move on with success.  The aim is to use the tool  to communicate and connect and not let the tool "use me" i.e. change, and influence, who I am and my make me doubt myself, my path and my choices.

“Instead of focusing on how much you can accomplish, focus on how much you can absolutely love what you’re doing.”

20.02.17, Monday:   

5K shake out run (average pace 7'21'' min/km - 36:50)
I warmed up for almost 10 minutes and stretched for the same amount of time.

Another Instagram photo shared to remember a good run and a reminder to work on blogposts
all about running Luxembourg !

21.02.17, Tuesday

REST  - I woke up feeling very motivated to run but I had to remind myself of my plan to do it different this time

No more overdoing things and (as much as possible!) stick to the slow build up of a training plan.  It is hard to "outsmart" my self-sabotaging brain, and as I write this, I feel instantaneously very silly! But that is my reality, and I would like to make a note of it here. I am in constant battle to outwit my own brain.

Running - getting out of the door, that is - is not my ultimate challenge.  My ultimate challenge is maintaining all these in my life: balance, focus, security and stability. The runner's lifestyle, way of living helps a lot in trying to achieve this.

I physically rested but mentally, I was occupied with working on BLANK SPACE and on #13HappyHalves blogdrafts.

Oh, I made soup on this day! An experimental Chinese Chicken noodle soup.  Although P forgot to pick up the Chinese noodles on the way home. hahaha He did remember everything on the list! Luckily, we still had some generic noodle in the cupboard.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 
― Lao Tzu

Before I went to bed, I meditated on the quote above, as preparation for our trip to Hamburg.

22.02.17, Wednesday

8.05 km (average pace 7'15'' min/km - 58:23 )  

This was a good run.  I wrote something (in blogdraft) about this run because I had technical problems with all my running gadgets. The blogpost's link will be added here, once I have published it.

After my run, my "home at last" view!

23.02.17, Thursday: Road trip to HH 

It will be challenging to write a story chronicling an important major life-changing decade of my life.  This trip was the culmination of that long chapter.

What I can share about the trip, now: it rained the whole day and we successfully did what we had to do.  Sadly, we missed sight seeing and doing fun stuff we usually do, when we go to Hamburg but we plan to make another trip or 2 this year.   

Leaving Holland
Arrival in Hamburg

Rain and traffic!
Departure from Hamburg

October, 2015

Our last long visit in Hamburg. 
It was a memorable Autumn School Break

24.02.17, Friday:  

unscheduled REST - due to very painful haemorrhoids.  

Since I gave birth for the first time, it has been a problem.  I noticed it is aggravated, when I am dealing with stressful situations. It does not however start or get worse from running. Only, I am unable to run, when it is very swollen. I think worrying about the trip this week, plus a total of 10 hours in the car caused the aggravation.

Still, I had a great day because eldest daughter surprised  the girls and I with a lovely, yummy brunch!

25.02.17, Saturday

5K tempo run (average pace 6'54'' min/km - 34.29)

In celebration of my my 4th week of running (6th week of training) I shared my 7 mini-goals for 2017 marathon training,  at my IG account. 

26.02.17, Sunday:   Last Day of Spring School Break! 

The family shared a simple brunch.

11 km (average pace 7'30 min/km - 1:22:30)

It's been a week, since my unplanned return to my Instagram account.  I have asked been several times, if my social media break/detox has ended.  For many my leaving was as abrupt as my coming back.

This week has been a trying week.  I think, I need another week to sort out my thoughts regarding what happened in Hamburg, the consequences of the steps I made and plan the next steps to follow.

I go to and fro with the idea of resuming my IG break or simply limit my use of it or re-start another account following only those accounts, which won't trigger me.

I love it as a tool to help me creatively reach my goals.  There are many aspects of social media, I struggle with.  I would like to learn how to ignore those things, which sets me off me negatively.  If I could do this, then I can continue reaping rewards from the many positive sides of social media. 

For now, I will continue to use it more conservatively as I have between 2014-2016.  I'll see how next week goes.

Total  :   29  running  km

✓ Week 1, 2 and 3 (Biking : 188 km Running (started 3rd week: 21 km)
✓ Week 4 (Biking : 60 km Running : 13 km )

✓ Week 5  (Biking : 50 km Running : 29 km )

✓ Week 6 (Biking: 0 Spring Break! Running : 29 km )

6 weeks of Biking : 298 km
4 weeks of Running : 92 km

26.02.17 23:07, Sunday
Draft created 19.02.17/13:55, Sunday

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