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(Photo taken in our back garden last September, 2016)
Image originally shared in a previous blog series:
DETOXING Happy Feet: On Blogging, Simplifying and Decluttering 2017  Part 2

“I thrive in structure. I drown in chaos.” 

Before I Begin About Week 4 . . .

It's 10 days to February and I'm already in Week 4 of Berlin Marathon 2017 Training!?! 

Here is the blog about:  Week 1, 2,  & 3

You can also read, "My Mental Prep" before I begun with my actual training.

Almost at the end of Week 4, and I am feeling motivated and fresh each day.  It still is a challenge to simply go out and run BUT I obsess less and worry less about it.  

If my mind managed to self-sabotage a planned run, I feel even more motivated to at least cover an average distance of 3 km, the next day. As past experiences have already proven, the 3 km mostly becomes 5 km or longer. 3 is a good way to maintain and practice baby steps in accelerating speed without exhausting one self or over-training.

I do refrain from running longer distances at this point of my training (even if I am having so much fun and still want to go on!) because I know from experience, I should take time to ease my body to running longer distances and not swing from 3 km to 15-21 km.  Happily, my brain is not going on crazy mode :D and has listened to reason, thus far!

This is why I am VERY excited to run 8 km, this week!*** (I ended up not running 8K at the end of this week - see entry under  10th of February below - , and the longest  run of this week was 6,8 km (ran Friday). Even though my weekly goal is to run 4X, I am training my brain to feel accomplished, if I manage 3x!  This is a huge accomplishment on it's own.)

If all goes well, at the end of Week 4, in 2 consecutive weeks of running, I am averaging 21 km/week.  A good slow build up!

***15th of February P.S. 5 Days, after I shared this blogpost, I wanted to add, the sentiments, "I am VERY excited to run..." holds very true for this week's training.  

It is because in hindsight, even if I did not run 4X this week, or missed the other things I wanted to do to strengthen my body, I am staying true to the guidelines, I told myself to adhere to before I completely committed to the goal, "BE Better On My Way to Berlin!".  

I will always TRY my best to follow a structured training BUT not sacrificing the fun of the run, the fun behind the run and NOT forgetting, why I (it: marathon running)  started, and have to keep going.

Statistics and Stories

I have been busy and I have not had time to write all my thoughts these past week, and frankly, my brain is itching! :D

In previous post about my training, I mentioned that I will TRY the best I can to separate the "ramblings" from the posts detailing how I prepare myself physically for a marathon.  I tagged all my post, where I write about what's going on in my mind under : Decluttering A Bipolar Mind.

It is a challenge to separate "mind and body" stories, I have to admit. I realise, it is essential to mention my daily life within the context of my training.  Being strong and resilient  enough to take charge of my daily life is one of the many reasons, I am running!

06.02.17, Monday:

biked 20 km/ REST from running

I spent 3 hours of clearing out, and cleaning the shed (the one with the green door on the right of the photo).  It was a very satisfying to complete this chore; I have been procrastinating since we moved in this house Spring of 2013.  

For me, our clean and organised shed, is my Back to Berlin: Training Week 1, 2, 3 Finish Line AND Reward.  Running, blogging about running and disciplining myself to stick to routines (I hated routines in my younger days even though I crave it at the same time. Does that make sense?! :D ). helps me accomplish home, and personal projects.

The "Spring Cleaning 2017" is a home project I am very excited about and I am planning to document it at My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands.  If you would like to see photos of our home, how it transformed from 2013, and follow how it will slowly transform this year, you are welcome to check out the blogposts!.

07.02.17, Tuesday:

biked 10 km/ 3.18 km tempo run  (average pace 7'07'' min/km - 22:41 minutes)

This image was actually taken before my run on Monday, 6th of February
It's very motivating for me to go out and let the story of Zombies, Run! unfold, as I run.

Zombies, Run app continues to be a major motivation for me.  I still have in draft mode the first impressions I had, the first time I ran using the app, and as soon as daily life is no longer too busy, I will write a separate blog series of my experience.

08.02.17, Wednesday:

biked 10/REST from running 

A busy and full day. A short summary, here to help me remember when I blog at "My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands".

Picking up  M, the youngest from school and doing our grocery after is a routine we both enjoy.
M finds this activity very relaxing after school.

K is home, sick and shared late lunch with M

After dinner, we head off to the older girls shared high school give moral support to  eldest.
J worked months with her friends to do a special presentation about Music and Art.

09.02.17, Thursday

biked 10 km/ ran 3.39 km maintenance (average pace 7'19'' min/km - 24:49 minutes)

You can read how this run accompanied my M on her bike, here: What You Do When Your Phone's Battery is Empty! (A Little Help from M) :D

A good day.  I feel very Zen after I was able to include a run in the day and most relaxing for me is to look at my family relaxing and the sight of fruits and flowers.

10.02.17, Friday:

biked 10 km/ ran 6,82 km tempo (average pace 7'32" min/km - 51:23)

Since I am updating this Monday afternoon (13th of February), I am now considering this run "my long distance" run for the week.

11.02.17, Saturday: On the Agenda - STRENGTH TRAINING 

Physical and mental REST / 
Work on Blank Space (decluttering my mind!) /
Family Dinner (Very Special Quality time)

I will let the links and photos tell the story for now.  


I heart my Dutch Guy aka Mijn Liefste P! 

Snow in February!!!

A belated birthday cake for P's granddaughter N


12.02.17, Sunday: On the Agenda - slow long distance run 8K

A quiet restful Sunday. 

When I am not decluttering my mind on this blog, I do so in my brown notebook (since January, 2017, I am back to hand written journals!).

Photo was taken after a very productive morning,
Monday, 13th of February

I did not go online Sunday and also did not use my mobile camera to document the day.
You know, just some  of those things I am trying out to make  sure 2017 would become one of my most "ZEN" year. :)

Total:  60 biking km / 13.39 running km

Monday, 13th of February

I would love to give you a A preview of Training Schedule: Week 5 but it all depends how many kilometer s I will run, today  My plan is to do an easy 8 km , and the alternative is an easy 5-6K.  

If it goes according to plan, I have to see how to tweak Week 5 to get the proper training mileage, what kind of run; all to help my personal progress without sacrificing  the fun of running (!) and most importantly the quality time with my family.

Honestly, it does bother me a bit (my brain itches!) that I did not complete the weekly goal of running 4X in Week 4.  The positive thought I can feed my brain to start the new week is: discover new things this  new week, explore new ways  to work on accomplishing this weekly goal! Think creative, think fun and most importantly BE ZEN!

Photo taken last week Tuesday, 7th of February to remind me, when I started incorporating warm up exercises again, before my run. Baby steps to consistency!

Usually, I either do a brisk walk for the first kilometer, when I am very tired.
Or I jog, the first kilometer, when I want to do a quick short run.
Mostly, I simply "dive cold" into it, which is really not good!

If you notice, I wear the same gear during the week. I washed my running gear right away  after my run, and hang them to dry so I can wear them the next day.

Again, one of the things I am doing to keep "my daily life", as simple as possible.

UPDATED  15th of February

NOTE TO READERS: The date of the post is when I started the draft, and at the bottom right of the page is the date I published and/or updated the blogpost.

15.02.17 17:35, Wednesday

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