Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So Long, September! On to October!

A Selfie to Say Goodbye & Thank You to a month ending
Monday, 9:31 am 30th of September, 2013
As the morning sun shone on my face,
and the click of the camera went,
I had a lightbulb moment and a whole lot of blogging ideas!
Being outdoors on the move caters to my creative side of the brain. :)

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.”
Walt Whitman

It's way past midnight, and I should really be sleeping but I am too excited.

My giddy feeling of excitement stems from new blogging projects, I have lined up for the next months!

Ironic, this new surge of blogging energy is born out of my 5 weeks of frustration of not being able to run.

You could read more details about new blogging projects @ My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands in the next days, next weeks.. :)

What I would like to share before I finally hit the covers, and go to sleep: I finally ran with my new orthotics insoles in my new pair of shoes! It took almost a week after I got all of them (and an agonizing day hahaha) to finally trust myself to run but I DID IT!

The first baby step to building up  is done.  *big wide, relieved smile*

The next goal is to keep running  pain free/stress free to sustain an enjoyable 5K.

My personal motivational poster in my goal to run again (after 5 weeks of rest),
run consistently a strong 5K

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd...I manage to hold on to my 25 months of running streak

Saved by 1 kilometer!

After my 1 kilometer run, I made my 1st of October image, the second picture of my new 365 project: Outdoors Selfie - #NoFilter, a part of my new batch of blogging projects.

On my next blog here, I'll write how I will be building up my mileage. Also, this week, I plan to go back to the gym for regular work-outs.  My membership card has been collecting dust since I don't know when, anymore (Spring? Early Summer?)!

Before I go, I want to save here, a thought that came to me while I cooled down after my first 1K in weeks.

I think my lesson from my first injury in the first 2 years of running: take it slow

What? One might say. Isn't running about working on being fast?! Isn't your running slow enough? If you take your current pace to a slower pace it would be walking!

SHUT UP bad side of my brain!!!

Sorry about that...to continue...

The Lesson I am taking from this current stage of my running adventure is: literally, enjoy every kilometer I am running and not chase more until I squeeze out the last ounce of sweaty happiness I can get from a kilometer.

courtesy of Google Image

The last weeks have shown me that I am still easily distracted by many things that are not important.

I feel my anxieties stems from the fact, that I am taking my attention away from what I should be pursuing.

When I return the focus to who I am ( a person, who wants to be the change, she would like to see in the world), where I am & where I came from (struggled/struggling endless cycles of depression), and where I would like to be (simple bliss shared with my family) I feel calmer.

courtesy of Google

Well, I would be even more calmer if I can write my blog hours before midnight. But at least, I am sleeping better and better, as I continue to pursue my true path. :)
courtesy of Google Image

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  1. Congrats on your running streak Joanna, 25 months is a pretty long time. Looking forward to your new blogging projects and thanks for sharing these lovely quotes. By the way, love your nails. :)


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