Friday, October 11, 2013

#Crazy4Running Part 1 ( featuring Lunatik Athletiks Compression GIVEAWAY)

Happy Feet in the Netherlands's
1st GiveAway
via Lunatik Athletiks @IamLNTK

a milestone :)
“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.”
Brian Tracy

2 years of memorable running adventures behind me, and  I can not deny that I am absolutely crazy about running.  Crazy is also  an adjective my family and friends used a lot to describe my first year of running: the metamorphosis from absolute couch potato to  back to back marathon runner.

I love my crazy! :)

2012 - a memorable running year
Ran Berlin and Amsterdam Marathons
back to back (3 weeks apart)

What I am not crazy about is getting injured!

As any runner, who've experienced injury, will tell you about their stay in Injuryville: it's not a holiday!

As a part of taking preventive measures, I asked friends in various running circle about compression socks because I noticed many runners wearing them in the marathons I participated in. There were also prominent stands from different brands of compression apparel in the marathon expos.

It seems serendipitous, after surviving Injuryville and with new running goals in mind, to receive a message in my inbox from Lunatik Athletiks with the invitation to review exactly the product I wanted to try myself!

The company's cool name spoke to me right away, specially what they stand for:

When I checked their website, and saw the variety of their apparel, I was sold right away to the idea of doing a review.

They have exactly the fun style that motivates me to go outdoors because of how they brighten my mood, and makes me feel good how I look.

What can I say - I love functionality and beauty going hand in hand with anything I use/wear when I run! :)

Women's Compression socks @ Lunatik Athletiks

It was a tough to choose because I love all the colors and patterns! I asked my husband and running friends to help me choose, and the choice when made, completely made sense: Velocious

Absolutely what I am currently working on to achieve in my running: speed!

His and Hers compression socks!

And it was a speedy communication with Lunatik Athletiks via FB, after I made my choice, I got it a week later in the mail.

I am so excited, that I could not wait to share  to all of you readers, the news of Happy Feet NL's first product review.

Men's Compression socks @ Lunatik Athletiks


The reason I am SO excited is Lunatik  Athletiks did not only provide my husband and me a pair each of His and Hers compression socks respectively to review but two followers (a female and male follower) of Happy Feet in the Netherlands would also get a chance to win and choose their own pair of compression socks!!!!!!!!!

Please click on the  GIVEAWAY tab of Happy Feet in the Netherlands FB Page   to OFFICIALLY enter the raffle and have a chance to win and choose your own pair of Lunatik Athletiks compression socks! 

OR simply click on the Rafflecopter below: a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Follow the steps, and the more steps you complete, the more your chance to win increases.

Happy Running!

Crazy4Running Part 2 - GIVEAWAY Update


  1. Ik zou ze wel willen winnen. Hopelijk loop ik dan ook weer eens wat lekkerder en zonder pijnen :) #Crazy4Running

  2. Hi Joanna! Those are some crazy sassy awesome Hot Rockin' Dots Lunatik socks! I am coveting them for my LONG Canadian (ultra?)marathon training runs this winter... Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Dank u eel! #Crazy4Running


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