Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back to 5 (Ks) & Biting Through the "Tough" Times

30th September, 2012
Biting on my first marathon medal before eating dinner after finishing my first ever marathon,
my first ever Berlin Marathon

Two months ago, I blogged about what I thought was a "simple" road block on the way to running my fourth full marathon- what would have been my second year in a row of running Berlin Marathon.

OUCH! Bad Little Piggy! (#BAM2013 Training Update)
a blog documenting how I detected and dealt with my first running injury: Morton's Neuroma

Well it turns out to be my first running injury, and it was the main reason, that I had to stop running in the last crucial months of my marathon training.

This injury might also break (not literally!) my 25 month streak of consecutive running. 

If I don't run tomorrow, this month of September will be the first month in the last 2 years, that I have not run, even a single run.

My Nike+ Stats far
Last 4 runs in August, and since 23rd of August almost 5 weeks of no running.

But I am determined to literally (!) get back on my feet again, and run at least 2-3 kilometers tomorrow with one of my new pair of shoes, and new orthotic insoles.

Leaving Injuryville
27th of September, 2013

I am strong and firm believer of  everything happens for a good reason, and yes, I agree, it is often revealed later why things happen the way they do, and it's role in how it shapes you as a person, and what direction you would like to steer your life.

Often, I've observed from experience, that such situations and circumstances truly brings out the best in a person, if one let's go of the negative emotions and makes space for the positive.

This week, specially this weekend, I've let myself feel, talk, and write (out) all the negative emotions I felt over the frustrations I have with my injury, and not being able to work on goals as a result of it.

As September nears it's end, I am making a promise that in October, no matter what the outcome of my babysteps to going back to running may be, I will stay positive in my reactions, thoughts, and actions.

Autumn 2011
beside me through highs and lows, mijn liefste P
28th of August, 2011
first ever 5K in Amsterdam Bos
8th of April 2013
after finishing the Paris Marathon
my 3rd full marathon in 2 years of running

betweem kilometer 25 - 30
at the Seine
8th of April 2013

I owe this, not only to myself but mostly to my supportive family, friends and loyal supporters, who have been with me from the adventure of my first 5K to challenging myself to run full marathons.

a partner-selfie commemorating
my ♡Positive Promise for October
29th of September 2013

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  1. You'll come back stronger after the injury spree. Just imagine running again with fresh legs and no fatigue coming from a layoff. It's easy to build power afterwards. Go Joanna!


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