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Sloterplasloop 2013 Impressions: A 5K Run After A Full Marathon

A an annual running event on it's 78th year:
Sloterplasloop 2013

Introducing Happy Feet Guest Blogger of the Week: Eva
Very proud to introduce the first official guest blogger here @ Happy Feet in the Netherlands - my soul/solesister Eva, blogger @ Little Eve is trying to Grow Up.  You could follow her at Twitter via @LittleEveGrows and get updates of her adventures via the FB Page Little Eve is trying to Grow Up.

She recently ran her debut marathon in Berlin, with an impressive time of 4:10:02! You could read all about how her unforgettable weekend in Berlin went from her very engaging post: My First Marathon.

Below you could read her impressions of running the 5K at Sloterplasloop 2013 a week after running her first marathon in Berlin. . .

Last Sunday I had my first race after the marathon which I ran a week ago.

My first marathon, the Berlin Marathon.

The marathon went great, till 31km everything went better then expected but then suddenly my knee locked.  I was still able to run and finish the marathon without losing a lot of time.

image courtesy of Little Eve is trying to grow up
via Berlin Marathon 2013

The week after the marathon I didn’t run, I biked a bit and on Monday morning I did a little workout.  Days after I read I wasn’t supposed to do that either….oh…

Months ago I registered for this 5km. A little recovery run I thought. Later on I thought: I feel like such a pussy! I should have registered for the 10km cause I feel good!

Well when I was standing at the start of Sloterplasloop in Amsterdam I wasn’t that confident anymore..

Sloterplasloop 2013 5K race course map

Luckily I was with two friends and they liked to run together. So I had to run a little bit slower then I usual do…we all did. Cause one of us wasn’t feeling really fit and had to take it slow, normally she is faster then I am.

Almost right away I felt my knee wasn’t fully recovered yet, it felt weak, not really painful but weird….there is still something up with it. Now I was really relieved I didn’t start for the 10km.

It was a nice run, we talked & laughed along the way. It was nice to be running again, but that knee have to get the facts straight: we want to run! Afterwards I was happy to run with my friends, otherwise I would have pushed myself to go harder and faster even with that weird, weak knee. And now we just had fun during the run, this was a nice distraction for all of us I guess.

image courtesy of Little Eve is trying to grow up
via Sloterpasloop 2013

After this run and hanging out with my friends I went on to the next training….yes I love to test myself, how far I can go, even when I know it isn’t the smartest move I’m about to make. Luckily this felt a bit better but the next day it felt worse.

Monday evening I had a grueling one-hour-during workout again and now I’m taking rest again….I have a half marathon  to run next Sunday (EDIT: in Eindhoven)….hope me knee wants to come along again.

Eindhoven Marathon

Some people asked me if I even wanted to come out of bed for a 5km run, after my marathon.

Yes! I refound my love for 5K’s due my marathon training. They are just as important then long distance runs.

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  1. Sometimes those 5kms are so fun, refreshing and just what is needed. Getting over a bout of shingles. Cant seem to do more than 5-6km at a it feels goood! #crazy4running


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