Friday, October 25, 2013

#Crazy4Running: Sharing Your Running Blessings

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”
Erma Bombeck
“Happiness only real when shared.”
Christopher McCandless

Being your genuine self is not only personally rewarding but it's a gift that keeps on giving. Challenging? Yes! Rewarding? Truly.

Every time I get distracted from my goals (work on being a strong person, and hopefully in the process inspire others to strive for the same goal) family and friends are there to remind me of where I should focus my attention and energy.

I can easily be distracted!

image (print screen) is an excerpt of The Oatmeal's famous
The terrible and wonderful reasons why I love running long distances
quote by Christopher McCandless
featured in Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild

Sometimes, an outside supporter appears in my running life, and motivates me to stay focused.

In this case, it is Meeùs Run Club, one of the sponsors of the 30th edition of Zevenheuvelenloop (Seven Hills Run).  They are generously providing me with a VIP starting bib for the 15K event, as well as a Run2Day gift check worth 100 Euro!

My first run sponsored by

The 5K run( 6th of October) this year in Breda was sponsored Meeùs Run Club
It was
my first run in this city

As well as my first official race after I got injured this year in July

Meeùs called me last Monday to inform me of my luck.  I was not able to contain myself and squealed my utter joy into the phone.

This good news came exactly a day after I finished the Amsterdam Half Marathon, so my euphoria was uncontainable. :)

The most memorable Amsterdam (Half) Marathon bling so far.
This Half-Marathon was
after my first ever running injury since I begun running in August, 2011,
An injury, which made me miss running Berlin Marathon for the second year in a row

A collage documenting the summary of
my Amsterdam Marathon Adventures

For me, the news was a simple divine message; I am on the right path of this beautiful running adventure.

I should keep on running to keep myself healthy, and I should keep on writing about the cause I support to inspire, motivate and inform. 

Running to be strong to fight  the battle against mental illness (in my case, manic-depression, panic and anxiety attacks) and create awareness of this silent epidemic.

When you receive joy, such as I did with the VIP bib fromMeeùs Run Club, I passionately believe one should share and spread joy!

So, I thought I will give away my bib (the one I got for Zevenheuvelenloop when registration opened!) to someone, who shares the #Crazy4Running passion. :)

What do you have to do? Simply follow the link to know more : (only for residents of the Netherlands)

Good luck!

Oh, and by the way, don't forget, you can still enter Happy Feet in the Netherland's Lunatik Athletiks Compressions Socks Giveaway!!!!!!!!! (open to everyone!)
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  1. Congratulations on your fantastic journey! May you find happiness and health in your running.

  2. Great post! Very inspiring. I really love the quote! #crazy4running

    Miss Adventures in Running

  3. LOVE the Erma Bombeck quote! Have a great week!! Darlynn at The Little Blog Dress!

  4. I hope i see you next year at the singelloop Breda! :)

  5. Great post Joanna! It can be hard to stay confident in a sport that is so isolated, it really is so mental. I love all of the cool swag and medals you got, they definitely add to the reasons why we race.
    It is also a really great thing that you run while suffering from panic attacks. That is a hard struggle and you are so brave!

  6. i am sooo looking forward to running a destination marathon! #jealous #Crazy4Running


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