Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blog Series: 5 ALive! A Humble Tribute to 5Ks

Yesss, a week since my last blog and I have lots of news, news, news to share! :)

Lots of firsts!

But you have to wait for most of them a little bit more, in the coming blogs.

What I could immediately share now though is that Happy Feet in the Netherlands blog will be hosting Guest Bloggers in the next weeks!  Exciting first for this blog!

The theme of each post of our guest bloggers will be: 5 ALive! A Humble Tribute to 5Ks.

Speaking of 5K, I finished one last Sunday! My first after 5 weeks of rest!

The race recap, impressions of the week prep for it, in my next blog.

Watch out for the recap
of my first
Bredase Singelloop
my first 5K race (6th of October, 2013)
after 5 weeks of rest from running

I am very happy to report back, that after a week of doing baby steps to going back to running again, I have not only regained  my running confidence but overall completely revived my positive spirit.

Often followers and loyal readers have commented, that what they like about the blog posts I share is the overall tone of positivity.

Honestly, I need to work hard to stay positive.

courtesy of Google image

Although I am actually by nature a worrier, I always make an effort to override that by making sure I feed my consciousness with positive words, surround myself with positive people, and just as I train my body to be strong, I make sure that activities I do during the day positively nurtures and strengthen my mind and soul.

image courtesy of Google
featured in my blog
Finding the "Force" to Run
The last few months of dealing physically and mentally with my injury have been challenging and I can only think of the support I got, and thank family and friends, who helped me along the way.

This experience of being in InjuryVille is what made me finally launch the idea I've had since creating this blog : invite the friends, most of whom are not only runners but bloggers as well, who have inspired me. Invite all of them to write and share their stories here to inspire many more.

So tune in this week, and the next weeks!

Friday Inspire
the first attempt of Happy Feet in the Netherlands in featuring fellow runners, who inspire

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