Friday, July 12, 2013

Thinking About Trail Running

This is a sponsored post.

Almost 2 years of running and I am ready to steer my focus on running on more adventurous terrain.

After barefoot running on the beach, trail running is something I would like to explore, specially this Summer. 

I feel injecting variety in my scheduled runs in the next months would help in making sure I don't burn-out while training for my multiple marathons - specially in between the long distance runs, I have to do.

One important reason I am interested in running trails is my wish to share my runs with my husband, who loves nature as much as I do.

with my husband after I ran my very first 5K in Amsterdam Bos(Amsterdam Woods)
- 8th of August, 2011 20 days after I finally started running

My husband took this picture at the Natuurmonumenten Gooi en Vechtstreek
during our shared run last year -
I was training for my first Berlin Marathon

Trail running would be a great way for us to spend quality time together, and make sure his training for his first 5K is a fun shared activity, not only for me but for him as well.  It is a field we both are new to, and we can both learn together.

My idea to start with, would be to hike the trails we will eventually run together, when he is ready to run continuously for an hour in a slow pace. We could hike with the whole family, which adds more motivation because the girls love outdoors activities.

Although I enjoyed running barefoot on the beach, I am not quiet sure if I am ready to go barefoot on trails, nor would my husband.

I was told by a lot of fellow running enthusiasts, who are more experienced in trail running, that it is imperative to find good trail running shoes.

My husband and I both love the colour blue, and I have to admit this is in general the first detail that pulls me when I look for running shoes!

Kapteren Explor Shoe KALENJI  - from Decathlon UK

What makes me excited, when I think of running in nature with my husband, are pairs of green trail running shoes for a camouflage partner look. :D

Kapteren XT3 Men's Trail Raid Shoes, KALENJI from Decathlon UK

Kapteren XT3 Men's Trail Raid Shoes, KALENJI from Decathlon UK

What I've learned though from a couple of years of running, is that I need to compromise sometimes, with my colour preference, and make sure that the pair of shoes fit the needs of my feet and will protect me in running safely on the terrain I am going to run on.

Luckily, there are a lot of shoes to choose from! :)

Kapteren TR3 Men's Trail Raid Shoes, KALENJI from Decathlon UK

If you would like to read more on how to choose trail running shoes, check this article.

I'll be sharing more about trail running, as I acquire more knowledge (and hopefully!) more experience in it in the next months.

This is a sponsored post.


  1. You'll love the trails for sure.

    1. Thanks for the motivation, Franc!

      I was excited to see that even though Holland is in principle a flat country, that there are enough interesting terrain to do trail running.

  2. i enjoyed reading this! will wait for your next adventure. who knows? might take up running too in the not so distant future. more power to you my dear joanna! mwah!

    1. Thank you so much, Arlene!

      I would be so happy if you do take up running because it is a joyous activity, I love my friends to be able to experience. It is simply life changing. :)

      Trail running would be awesome in the Philippines. It would be awesome if we could do that together, when my family and I finally come for a visit!


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