Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Steps to Barefoot Running

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It's been a week since my last run.

Sunday, I wrote an update of how training is going along so far for #BAM2013 (running 3 consecutive marathons in 2013: Berlin, Amsterdam & Mystery Marathon) in the month of July. 

Writing that blog helped me sort out my mind and made it easier to decide to take a break from running one long distance Sunday run (28th of July: 5K race or a fast 10K) to give myself time to heal and recover from the strain that is causing me pain.

Since I took a break, I have been walking around mostly barefoot around the house.

My left ankle feels better now; the bothersome toe on the right foot still shoots pain at unpredictable moments.

Today, I am going to attempt a slow 8K run. I'm nervous.

The last week, I have been thinking even harder over barefoot running. I am not sure if I should start building up on barefoot running in the middle of a multiple marathon training.  It is something that I am contemplating on and researching further before I make a decision.

After running my last long distance run - 25 K- last Sunday, 21st of July, we went to the beach and I relished once again the freedom of having my bare feet on the sand. Pure relaxation!

14 km lap of my 25K Sunday long distance run Sunday, 21.07.13
Barefoot  at Wijk aan Zee after a 25K run July 2013 - 21.07.13
My first barefoot run ever, a 16K run on the beach. Sunday, 07.07.13

I took a week rest after this run because of muscle pains.
It was an awesome experience, I'm looking forward to repeat (even with muscle pains!).
During and after my rest I felt great, soaring in runner's high.

Although it was awesome to run barefoot on the sand it is a different matter running on the open field.

On the 10 km lap of my 15K run Sunday, 14.07.13
My 13 year old daughter running barefoot for a couple of hundred meters to see if the path further ahead leads back to our village.
It didn't!
She is running back here towards where I was waiting for her.

A moment caught during my 15K run Sunday, 14.07.13

I was attempting to softly approach a butterfly on the fields.
A moment caught during my 15K run Sunday, 14.07.13
by oldest daughter
A moment caught during my 15K run Sunday, 14.07.13 by oldest daughter
A moment caught during my 15K run Sunday, 14.07.13 by oldest daughter.
I had to admit defeat with my first attempt at barefoot running on the fields, and put my running shoes back on again.  It was not as succesful as my attempt to run barefoot on the beach. The sole of my feet kept getting thorns embedded in it. It was a stop and go run, that I gave up on it.

This weekend I once again consulted an article on beginner's guide to barefoot running.  I've previously read a lot of articles about barefoot running after my barefoot run on the beach and so far this one lent a lot more clarity. At the end of the article are a lot more reading sources regarding barefoot running.

This article mentioned barefoot shoes (Vibram Five Fingers), which would seem contracdictory to barefoot running!

After my experience with zigsagging on the beach to avoid broken sea shells and my short but painful encounter with tiny (OUCH!) thorns on the field, I think it makes sense and is not a bad idea to wear "barefoot" shoes while slowly easing  into complete barefoot running.

Womens Bikila Barefoot Shoes - Cotswold Outdoors

I will be reading more on learning to run with Vibram Five Fingers, and try them on for short runs before I finally decide if it will be something I will add permanently to my running gear.

This is a sponsored post

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