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OUCH! Bad Little Piggy! (#BAM2013 Training Update)

Keep Calm & Nope Lost It...
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Two weeks ago, during the last 5K of a hot 15K run, I felt a searing pain below the fourth toe of my right foot. I had to stop a couple of times, to remove my shoe and sock and massage it. It was as if  I had a thorn or a needle puncturing the sole of my foot.

On the 10 km lap of my 15K run last Sunday, 14.07.13

I tried to push through the pain but I was also scared of getting injured out of sheer stubborness.

Even though I had a week rest before this 15K long distance Sunday run, the next day, I opted to rest, and begin a new training week fresh instead of playing catch up.

My first barefoot run ever, a 16K run on the beach. Sunday, 07.07.13

I took a week rest after this run because of muscle pains.
It was an awesome experience, I'm looking forward to repeat (even with muscle pains!).
During and after my rest I felt great, soaring in runner's high.

This is the run I felt the shooting pain on the toe of my right foot for the first time.

This was a clever decision because Tuesday and Wednesday, interval and tempo runs respectively, both went well; I did not log in any problems with my right toe.

I have to add, that I switched my shoes (currently have three old pair, I use interchangeably), and I noticed that the pain disappeared with the switch.  But I still have to wait until next month to get the new pair I planned to purchase, which has the stability I need for the upcoming high volume of long distances I am going to run.

During and after my Sunday long distance run of 25 km though, even with the pair of shoes that worked in my Tuesday and Wednesday runs, I kept feeling the shooting pain on the right toe, and had to stop several times again to massage it.

14 km lap of my 25K Sunday long distance run Sunday, 21.07.13

Again, I thought the best thing to do is rest. I did not feel the pain I had warranted a visit to a doctor.

Last Wednesday, although it was late before I finally got around to running, and the pain on my right toe bothered me during my rest days - not a constant pain but as always a shooting, random pain - I ran an 8K.

This time, the pain on my right toe, was accompanied by an ankle pain on my left foot. It made itself noticed in the first 100 meters, and I pushed through the pain until 3 kilometers.  The ankle pain eased up but the toe kept bothering me.

Instead of worrying that I might be sidelined from running, I worried more that I might have to reduce the volume of my long distance running until I feel better!

Man, I am 23 kilometers away from reaching the blue level at Nike+ and there is a 200K challenge this August I would like to participate in. :(

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Then I thought to myself (shaking myself literally  at the same time), "What's wrong with you! What exactly are your priorities?! What is your main goal?"

Even if I reduce the volume of my running during the week, as long as I am on track with my long slow distance running on Sundays, I am (still!) and will be OK with my training.

I always tell those who ask, why I run, that running is what makes me strong, and aids me in focusing on what's most important in my life.

Lately, I discover myself again distracted by other goals, which has nothing to do with my main goal: keep running for a free mind, strong body & happy spirit.*

Although I am aware that I need to be careful, and find out exactly what is causing the pain on the fourth toe of my right foot, I feel this painful sting on my toe is there to give me a lesson.  It serves as reminder for the future, just like Dory with her jellyfish sting in the movie Nemo.

I need to relax (mind, heart, body and spirit!), and enjoy the adventure of training to be strong to finish my multiple marathons**.  The focus should be on how to reach my end goal** while making sure my main goal* are not forgotten. 

These goals powers the motor of my being, that I could be present for my family. They are the reason, I do what I do, and have the passion and drive to do it.

Next week, I'll adjust my training volume/schedule.  If the pain persists, or my anxiety over it further affects my training, I'll consult a podiatrist.

I hope by going back to this post, when the need arises, I will regain focus.  After all, even if my memory is better as Dory, a reminder is always good.

Pain-free reminder!

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