Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer 2013: Sports Shirt Off, Sports Bra On!

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This is my Summer 2013 poster!

Hot, hot, hot in Holland!

Yesterday, the Netherlands officially had a nationwide heatwave not experienced since 2006.

We've had temperatures between 25-30 degrees.

It has been so hot that my usual modest self have done what I have not done before.

Nope, I did not literally rip my shirt off. :D Nor someone elses!

But I did shed my own running shirt off, and for the first time in my life: ran with only my bikini top over my running shorts at the beach (16 km!) without being conscious about it.

first barefoot beach run, and first time I ran with a bikini top Summer 2013 07.07.13
Summer 2013  07.07.13
My 13 year old daughter & 1. We ran the first 3 km of my 16 km barefoot beach run.
Summer 2013 07.07.13

The following weekend, instead of running on the beach, I ran my scheduled long distance run in the neighbouring village.

I had my dry fit sports shirt on for the first 5 km of my 15 km run, then I had to take it off. And I felt so much better.

I keep running, running, running Summer 2013 - long distance run  for my multiple marathon training - 14.07.13

My daughter tried to give me an extra moral boost by saying at a certain angle (picture below) I even look like I have abs. :D

It was too hot for me, I shed shame together with my shirt for a refreshing cool 15K run!
Summer 2013 14.07.13

Bless her with her good intentions; it helped me in letting go of my last inhibitions!

It is one thing running on the beach with your bikini top but a different kind of adventure running in the village with a bright pink sports bra.

J, eldest daughter, would like to be called my Running Buddy! She's been awesome in motivating me to run my long distance run in the Summer heat.
Summer 2013 14.07.13

My shirtless/confident with my sports bra running adventure continued during the week when I had to do my interval training, and tempo run.

It was a refreshing run in all sense of the word.

Last Sunday, I ran my longest distance - so far in this year's marathon training - in the woods, accompanied this time by my husband.

Summer 2013 21.07.13
Summer 2013 21.07.13
Last Sunday's long distance run of 26 km - Summer 2013 21.07.13 - I had to go to the woods with my husband because of the sweltering heat

They predict that this weekend the temperature will be between 29 - 30 degrees!

Although I do make an effort to get up early for a run to avoid the heat, I still have not been able to wake up early enough to run before the sunrise.

I am hoping that when the girls are back to school, I have already acquired the habit of running early in the morning.  It simply has to happen during this Summer school break.

In the meantime, it's reward time for me after all that running in the heat! I'm getting myself three new sports bras for consistently running my three long distance run, three consecutive Sundays!

There are so much styles and bright colours - love bright colours! - to choose from. :) I'm happy that by running all those marathons, I  have not only developed a fit body but gained confidence to wear sports clothing I never ever imagined that I will fit and look good in.

NIKE Ladies Pro Printed Bra - ActivInstinct UK

ADIDAS Ladies Techfit Bra - ActivInstinct UK

SHOCK ABSORBER Ladies Active Multi Sports Support Bra - ActivInstinct UK

According to Runner's World - How To Choose a Sport's Bra - "After 30-40 washes most sports bras need replacing. As a rule of thumb you will need three new bras for every one pair of running shoes."

Well, most specially for this Summer training for my multiple marathons, I'm not only grateful for fresh socks but for fresh sports bra for each day if not 2-3 a day! ;)

This is a sponsored post.


  1. Hi Joanna!
    I love your confidence! You are a healthy/fit runner and you should feel great about running in a sports bra...especially in the heat.

    We just got home from Europe and it was REALLY hot! I'm so glad that I went against my usual jeans and sweaters and took shorts and tank tops! While we were in Munich my husband even got in the river in the English Garden and floated like a local :)

    I find that I hate spending money on sports bras but it is important to find the right fit. The right support and if the seam is too thick it causes chaffing. I love the Nike sports bra that you posted and have found that they are so supportive and seamless.

    Thanks for a great post...stay cool!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Sami!

      Made me smile imagining your husband in Munich (I lived in Germany for half of my life, and been there once) floating in the river in the English Garden! You guys must've had an awesome time. :)

      Yes, I ditto your reservations regarding the price. It took me almost 2 years of running to feel "justified" in buying my first 2 pair of sports bra.

      I don't regret it because it makes such a huge difference in how I run and work-out. They are like second skin for me. Unlike my other more "affordable" sport bras which I constantly had to adjust while I run or work-out.

      Looking forward to getting to know you more through your blogs!


  2. Congrats for having the confidence to do this!

    1. Thanks for the moral support, Shawn! :)

      Love the positive energy of your blog.


  3. That Nike bra is awesome. I would definitely rip of my shirt and run in that! And great work getting out in that heat! I'm more of a cold weather runner so the summer months are brutal for me. I'm always so impressed by the people that can actually get out there and cover some serious distance!

    1. Thanks for all the positive words, Kristen!

      I'm glad that I experienced this liberation in July before I ran what "others" feel about running with sports top/sporst bra because I might have been discouraged.

      For me it was a natural decision without much thought. It was simply out of necessity more than making a statement, you know?

      And yeah, I have been coveting that Nike sports bra for quiet some time now. hahaha The thought of buying it was the motivation I needed at times I was having a hard time dragging myself out for my long runs. :D

      Good luck on your 50 miles Nike+ challenge!

  4. Yes! Definitely! I just bought the pink sports bra and it took me more than a year to take my shirt off because I was way too fat before. I wore lose tees to hide my fat and now I can wear whatever I want to. I feel very good about it. It was nice coming across this post, I even liked the blue one.


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