Thursday, July 11, 2013

Running Fish with a Right Brain

Yes, I am still here! Still logging daily thoughts (albeit most of them stays in draft mode!) while the days to the culmination of #BAM2013 (running three consecutive marathons, commencing with Berlin Marathon in September, followed by Amsterdam Marathon in October, and closing with a Mystery Marathon in December) nears.

Why oh why can I not simply be like everyone else and aspire one goal at a time?! >.<

I can give you several reasons, some of which I've written in previous blog posts.

But why am I like this?! And furthermore, why do I find reasons to justify crazy actions.

Well, perhaps it has something to do with my Piscean Personality (source: Wikipedia):

Part of the Anatomical Man by Limbourg brothers.

Although there is no scientific basis for characterizing personality traits from date of birth, Western astrologers assert that Pisceans are perceptive, emotional,[44][73] and reasonable.[74] Pisceans are also said to desire reasoning for all actions, and are always capable of giving a reason.[74] Notorious for being highly sensitive,[75][65][76] they are also said to be desperately afraid of ridicule,[75] as the sign is deemed "unfortunate."[65][77][42] Pisces are a mutable sign, which makes them susceptible to change.[49] Similarly, Pisces is classified as a "common sign," making them flexible and vacillating in nature.[78] As a bicorporeal sign, astrologists believe that events in Pisceans lives are prominently repeated, suggesting that they may marry several times and that misfortunes never come singly. However according to astrologer Max Heindel, the Piscean's "good fortune also comes in multiple."[72]
Conforming to the traditional astrological belief of the dual nature of the Piscean, in part seeking enlightenment in the "unseen realm,"[57] they are said to be "dreamy, mystical, and artistic."[79][80] Edgar Cayce, an alleged psychic, has been cited as an example of such a Piscean.[79] It is also been said that Pisceans are the quietest among the twelve zodiacal signs, and that they are good workers.[80] In line with their association with feet, Pisceans have been described as being "never quite satisfied when sitting," preferring to be standing or walking.[80]

Last weekend, I ran for the first time on the beach - 16 kilometers of barefoot running.

this Nike+ screen shot of my running stats,  and the two below were belatedly edited in this blogpost
21st of July, 2017

Today, 21st of July, I revisited the run stats
of my first ever barefoot beach run
from 7th of July, 2013

Since Nikeplus app has been updated a lot of times,
 the "beach" no longer shows as option, this is why I edited the ground I ran on, as "trail" 

I have to add here, that in 2013, after finish Paris Marathon in Spring, I was slowly working on my speed.

In this particular run, I did pause my run. I can't tell you though, how often, and how long.

Since my family was waiting for me to finish my run, I have to say, I was under time pressure.  A lot has changed in our lives and looking back makes me even more humbled and grateful for the support my family has given me in the pursuit of my goals.

Thoughts recorded - 21.07.17

The family trip was as spontaneous as the long distance run.

It should not have surprised me - I am a Piscean, who loves water! -  that I enjoyed it tremendously, but it did. (link to that experience will be added here)!

Since I begun relatively late (I was 39 years old when I ran my first 5K) with running, I admittedly went about it too enthusiastically - leading to the last 23 months of manic participation to a lot of running events.

There is nothing wrong with enthusiasm in principle but what I have learned, whether running or living life, everything should be in balance and in moderation for the experience to be fully enjoyed.

Doing too little and you miss out in reaching your full potention, doing too much can burn you out!

I always ping pong between the two extremes, not quite finding balance, and not quiet learning how to do things in moderation.

Life is an adventure and a learning process. I am running to make sure I keep on having the spirit of adventure, and bring home importatn life lessons clearly and quickly to my mind.

Aaaaah, this brings us to my mind!

As if I suddenly acquired a  clear line of communication with the universe; it is supplying me with answers to my fears, doubts and insecurities regarding running, specifically how to deal with mind blocks, mental barriers regarding running.

Most of the articles I've read recently also mentioned how the left side of brain (responsible for logic) can affect training.  In this blog, I read, the would be marathoner is telling it's left brain to just put a lid on it's nagging, and letting the right brain (intuition) be more loud and clear with it's motivation!

I'm basically a right brainer.  But my oh my I do own a loud and nagging left brain!

I guess, this is why I should not only be more consistent with my running but more consistent in blogging. Sharing my creative ways of dealing with my left brain!

Blogs, FB posts, and tweets make sure that I am holding myself accountable for the training I need to do to make sure that I not only survive #BAM2013 but have fun with this adventure.

Others may have a different, more conventional way of approaching their training but I should not be ashamed of how I approach my own training, which is resulting in all my blogs ending in draft modes!

If a (an accidental!) doodle of fish  is one of those many quirky things, which will motivate me to go out, then by all means, I should own up to it.

My Fish Run for Sunday 14.07.13. :D
Most of the time, you find out that you are not alone with your point of view in life. But you won't find out if you don't share first!

A photo that my  solesister Eva of Little Eve is Trying to Grow-Up, wordlessly shared to me via PM, after I shared the route of my run today! :D

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on the 21st of July, 2017 12:37

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