Sunday, February 15, 2015

Easy Sunday Come Back Run

 “There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself.” 

(Curious to what has transpired so far in my marathon training  for Rotterdam? You can find a quick update: here.)

What a weekend! Full of unforgettable, meaningful moments, and the peak was:

a good come back run - sloooooooow but strong!

It began "late" (16:15/4:15 pm) but it was still "very early" than my usual Sunday long  runs.  

I am writing it here,  that next Sunday's long distance run will definitely be in the morning! As early as now, I am going to organize the week, that the run will before the sunrise, and that I am back home before my family wakes up.  Or at least when they are ready to eat a long leisurely brunch.

Now, back to the run of today - O-yay!

It was 15K.  

Why did I not start with 5 or 8 or 10 to build up back again? Simple short answer: it is because I love long distances, and I am more motivated to go outdoors, if I know I will cover a longer distance, and that is why I ran my first run after 2 weeks break on a Sunday instead of during the week.

The first 5K of this 15K run was in super slow warm-up pace.

Afterwards, the next 5 kilometers,  I did a playful interval to see how my body will react to it.

Before I took a break I was having coughing fits during my run!

The last 5 km was all about "playing", and enjoying that I can run again.

Even though I "rested", and took a break from running, I did not stop "working-out" (see @The Lightness of Being on the Bike   blogs, please!).  So, it was good to experience that the "spinning" exercises I did outdoors with Frodo (my bike)  on the way back home after bring the girls to school, paid off.

The pictures below are from Ankeveen, our village.

Today was such a beautiful sunny Winter day; it would have been a pity not to take pictures.  Specially because it has been (in my opinion!) very gray the last weeks.

I also took pictures of a lot of places, where I so far only had night shots. hahaha  I wanted to write a blog with the pictures side by side. Watch out for that!

This was taken right after I left our village, on my way to Kortenhoef.

It's the Carnival weekend here in Holland!

I had to get some stuff I needed for this run (as well as for next week's run), and it was practical because the shop was on the way.

This sunset (I did not have the peace to take a better one - next time!) was taken by the Emmaweg. I love this path.

I adore the reflection of trees on the water.

There is a night shot of this selfie!  :)

As well as a night shot of this bridge! Yes,  day light shots are MUCH  better; thank you very much. :D

By kilometer 7, I reached Hilversum where I began trying to see how my lungs will react if speed up a bit.

These houseboats…they are much livelier in the dark, when the house owners are inside and the blinds are up!

Kilometer 8! I am still feeling a-OK.

Just a pity I could not replicate a good night shot of me in front of the OK sign, which I took last 4th of January because there was a guy parked nearby, and I was too self-conscious to do my "happy-face-boxing-in-the-air-selfie" in front of him. hahahaha

Oh well, next time! Maybe I can do another 15K, during school week, and take my OK-themed selfie. During daylight. :D

I stopped here, and took this photo to remind myself to plan another route around this area, next time.

Perhaps ask P to drop me off and start a run from here.

I wish many times before, and I'll wish it again: I wish I have a camera that takes shots of how I truly see, what is before me.  This was for me magical, when I came upon it.

Alas, the camera of my trusted Samsung Galaxy Young (I still love it's presence in my run though - both shot and phone!) does not do it justice.

My phone ran out of battery by kilometer 10. Good thing because I wanted to hurry home at this point!

Checking my Nike+ stats, I had negative splits the last 3 kilometers.

I did stop by kilometer 12 to do my 4 minutes stretching because I knew I won't be able to do it at home.

It was because I knew from experience, that I will dive in to eat my dinner (my beloved prepared!)  as soon as P opened the door to our home!

Simple but oh so tasty! Although I  did not have the energy anymore to make it look "foodie" worthy! I am #SorryNOTSorry :D.

The verdict of this comeback run? Thumbs-UP!

It was a good warm-up - a mental boost, and to prepare the body to pick up where it left off with the marathon training.


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