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09.10.17 Medal Monday: Amsterdam Marathon 2011 - 2016
08.10.17 #13HappyHalves : Keeping Dreams Alive
06.10.17 Before Berlin Marathon 2012

A selfie taken a few minutes after I reached the finish line of Berlin Marathon 2017.
I double backed because I almost forgot to take a picture,
and hoped that no volunteer will ask me to hurry along! :D

“It's failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.”  

Yes! I did it. :) 9 days ago, I reached the finish line of Berlin Marathon! 5 years of patiently waiting,  4 years of keeping hope, and continued dedication to the sports, I fell in love with 6 years ago!

Today, I am taking time to sort out my thoughts and summarise the past eventful 9 months of going back to Berlin!

I plan to write 7 blogposts in the next weeks;  the topics are below with a preview on what each blogpost will be about:

Back to Berlin 2017

A brief summary of my second Berlin Marathon 2017.

I had fervently hoped I could minutely document everything about

  1. my Berlin marathon training
  2. the marathon weekend 
  3. and share it up to date, as a series of blogposts. 
The documentation, I could say was 95% success while the blogging goal massively limped behind.

Still, I am not giving up!

There is a German saying, "Aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben!" (literally : Postponed is not canceled. ) 

I might not have managed it during the marathon training for Berlin 2012, or 2017 but I can still write the stories about, behind and everything around Berlin Marathon, any time I have the "time" for it. :D

Future "Back to Berlin" project is I am sure in the horizon for me.  It's great to have blogposts in the archive of past Berlin projects.

If you cannot wait though for the blogs, and would like to read the stories of each step on my path towards Berlin Marathon 2017, check out my Instagram post hashtag:


Before Berlin Marathon 2012

(Edit: Please, click on the link above to be redirected to "Before Berlin Marathon 2012" blogpost :) 06.10.17)

Speaking of documentation, I still have to share stories behind Berlin Marathon 2012, as well!

Here and there are scattered blogposts mentioning Berlin Marathon.  Before I even began with the Berlin Marathon 2017 project, I had planned that if I got in again I will make time to write about Berlin Marathon 2012.

The story behind Berlin Marathon 2012 began in Summer 2011.  The original plan then was run Rome in Spring 2012 in preparation for Berlin but everything changed after December, 2011!

Mom in Balance
Pink Ribbon Run
28th of August, 2011
at the finish of my first official 5K race,
which was also my first race, ever

7  Days After Berlin Marathon 2017

I ran in Breda!

You will read the why, the how and what will follow next!

5 Consecutive Years of Breda Singelloop

A brief summary of my 5 consecutive years in Breda Singelloop

Breda Singelloop Medals
2013 : 5K
2014 : 10K
2015 : 21K
(not on the picture)
2016 : 5K and 21K
2017 : 21K

running towards the finish line of my 10K

Memorable 2016 race day in Breda!
My daughter and I ran her first official 5K race together.
Afterwards, I ran 21 km, as part of my #13HappyHalves project

Breda Singelloop 2017!
I ran a PR on the course of Breda and PR in the  half-marathon distance.
Photo courtesy of MeeĆ¹sFitClub
taken by Wietse Visser Photography

#13HappyHalves 2017 Edition: An Update

(Edit: Please, click on the link above to be redirected to "#13HappyHalves : Keeping Dreams Alive" blogpost :) 08.10.17)

13 Happy Halves philosophy : running mainly for the stories (of fun and never giving up!) not solely for statistics !

The project, the philosophy of the 13 Happy Halves ultimately helped me finish my second BERLIN-MARATHON - my 4th marathon!


After 2013, 2016, the 2017 edition of  #13HappyHalves project - specifically the Breda Singelloop 2017 race !  - brought an an amazing sub-2:30 half-marathon time!

Even though I achieved *the* first sub-2:30 half-marathon in Enschede in April, 2016, I can now admit, that I did not completely felt fulfilled upon achieving it then because of various reasons.

The reasons for this, I will elaborate in the blogpost. In brief: I was VERY grateful but there was a nagging feeling, that stayed with me that I can only articulate a year and a half later.

Running Stories Versus Running Statistics

This blogpost will be all about my thoughts on: why focusing on the stories behind your running will eventually bring you the satisfactory running statistics you aspire.

Singelloop Breda 2017
Photo courtesy of MeeĆ¹sFitClub
taken by Wietse Visser Photography

6 Years of Happy Feet NL Stories

A blogpost on why I am not unhappy about having smartphone issues! :D

If you are connected with me on Instagram, you would know how avid a user I am of this social media app.

I am having phone issues (I hear everyone groan : what's new! :D) and might not be as active as I would like to be.

So, in the mean time, you could follow and contact me via my FB blogpage (my blogpage email can be found there in the about section.).

You could also leave comment under this post, if you would like to reach out or have questions. :)

After finishing, and seconds after I got my finisher's medal
at the Berlin Marathon 2017


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