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My Monday Motivation: Warming Up with GirlsLove2Run

My Monday Motivation@happyfeetnl

"A champion is not made when he succeeds, a champion is made when you look back at the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months he has spent preparing." 
Eliud Kipchoge

Today, I completed the first week * of my new training cycle with the help of Girls Love 2 Run's:  NEW Instagram challenge in cooperation with : 
#WARMLOPENMETGL2R! (participation is exclusively for residents of Holland)

*(my training week started last  week, Tuesday 
and my LDR will be on Mondays - more about this, later!) 

First (build up) run of the new training cycle!
Tuesday, 17.010.17

Fourth (LDR) run of the first week
Monday, 23.10.17

If you live in the Netherlands and you need running motivation, there are a lot of running groups, communities, crews etc,  you could join, be a part of, and get the support, cheers and motivation you need!


One of my go to source of online motivation, and the bloggers I follow since 2012, are the Girls Love 2 Run.  One of the reasons I joined Instagram in 2014 is to be able to follow the fun challenges they create to get the running community moving!

I've been lucky to meet the GL2R founder Francien Regelink in person, shortly after my Berlin Marathon experience and before I ran Paris Marathon. They invited me together with other followers of their blog to join a core stability work out and I participated in a mindful running session with them.  The afternoon with GL2R was a great boost and kept me going and not give up on  my Paris marathon goal.

Core Stability and Mindful Running with Girls Love 2 Run
2nd of February 2013

In 2014, I was struggling yet again to keep motivated.

Once again, GL2R had a community challenge, and the lucky ones were invited to join GL2R to work out with them.

The meet up, working out with a group of enthusiastic ladies,  helped me get started positively for the year, 2014.  In Spring, still inspired by GL2R's spirit, I created my own personal challenge to make sure I focus on goals, which will keep me moving.

Commit2Fit Finale
26th of January, 2014

Since 2015, GL2R has been making sure the year starts actively for everyone with their #JaNUari challenges.

In the end, whether you win the major prize or completed the challenge, they make you feel like a champion, each and every time!

courtesy of

Girls Love 2 Run Facebook page 

GL2R has gone through many positive transitions, great changes and the running community continues to grow with them.  The efforts to motivate everyone to be active, stay active in their pursuit to improve their health remains the core goal of GL2R.

Next Stop: Iceland?

If I am lucky, I might run my next major half-marathon in Iceland with the help of GL2R! It will be an awesome highlight and an amazing motivation to my  #13HappyHalves adventure!  Wish me luck!

Better yet, go visit @GirlsLove2Run, join in the fun of their challenge! :D You are already a winner by stepping out of the door and going out for a run!

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