Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday Medal : Amsterdam Marathon 2011- 2016

Happy pair of runners with their happy pair of medals!

After the finish of the half-marathon in Amsterdam
TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2016
Josianne editor of her personal blog Hey Joos!
She finished way ahead of me;
we took a bit of time to catch our breath
on our way to the exit of a very crowded Olympic stadium!
She is also a blogger  and crew member @ Just Keep Running;
she wrote about her Amsterdam half-marathon 2016, there.

“I'll be happy if running and I can grow old together.” 

Happy Feet NL Runs Amsterdam Marathon Stories

If you've been a long time follower of the blog, you know how I struggle to document my running adventures (ace recaps, running related events etc) immediately, regularly and consistently.  

I've accepted that I have my own rhythm, and eventually get around to writing all the stories, I would like to share on my own sweet time!  No more stressing about it.

This week is the week leading to Sunday's 42nd edition of TCS Amsterdam Marathon.  I thought, a great timing and opportunity to share some Happy Feet NL in Amsterdam Marathon stories!

I am not sure how many stories I could share this week but I will try my best to be a productive :) blogger (I am currently on a roll! :D)  empowered by all the positive energy of Amsterdam Marathon memories!

Medal Monday

You will be familiar with the hashtag #MedalMonday, if you are a runner using Instagram as a source of motivation.  

Runners often share a photo of the medal, which they've earned from Sunday's race one more time to celebrate.  Nostalgic runners post medals from previous races to reminisce.  There are a lot of runners, who also  share the image of a medal, they are working on to acquire and use Monday as a means to visualise that goal. The list of reasons can go on! 

Today's post will be all about the medals I collected from Amsterdam Marathon.  There won't be brief race recaps of each event, that'll be for another blogpost.

Amsterdam Marathon 2011

8K medal
from the 36th edition 

Amsterdam Marathon (2011)

Very happy to finish for the very first time
in the Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam!
16th of October, 2011

Amsterdam Marathon 2012

A proud pair of 42K medals around my neck! #myprecious :D

Berlin Marathon 2012 and 
Amsterdam Marathon 2012
(from the 37th edition)

Between 25 - 30 km of the 2012 full marathon course
(I have to check to verify!)

Amsterdam Marathon 2013

Half-Marathon Medal
from the 

38th edition of
Amsterdam Marathon 2013

Believe it or not, I only saw this photo today for the first time
while checking the website! 

Running through Vondelpark,
about 3 kilometers away from the finish.
It is always a highlight of the Amsterdam marathon course !

Amsterdam Marathon 2014

In 2014, I wrote a blogpost for the 39th edition of Amsterdam Marathon, 
which won me a starting number for:

Amsterdam Marathon 2014

Sadly, I missed the message informing I won. The story of why I missed it, I will share in another blogpost, and link it here once I've published it.

Amsterdam Marathon 2016

You can create your own superhero photo here!

Happy Runners of the 41st edition of Amsterdam Marathon 2016
For me personally a culmination of my #13HappyHalves 2016 edition

On this blogpost are images, which I myself have only seen for the first time today!

Currently, I am unable to purchase these photos but I am sort of bookmarking these images to remind myself to obtain 1-2 from each year.

In 2011, my husband bought a photo CD of all my race photos! I sadly misplaced it and was glad I uploaded the best of the collection in Google photo archive because I used them in my blogs.

Hope you enjoyed the photos of the Amsterdam Marathon medals!!! Do come back to check for more Amsterdam marathon stories, this week.


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