Thursday, April 2, 2015

(Spiegel- en) Blijkpolderplas (HFNL AtoZ Challenge 2015)

Have you read my brief introduction to this challenge?

If not, here is the link: Introducing HFNL A to Z Challenge 2015

My personal blogging theme for this year: the places I have been in the Netherlands.  

At Happy Feet in the Netherlands (HFNL), I'll be writing about the places (which is not only limited to city, towns or villages but may also include restaurants, stores - places we go for hikes, where we sailed etc.) from the perspective of a runner.  

The blogs @ My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands on the other hand will be from a perspective of an expat, mom, traveler, writer, who seeks to simplify life.

Today, "we go to" : (Spiegel -en) Blijkpolderplas.

(Spiegel -en) Blijkpolderplas

Beautiful view, huh?!

Every time I commit to blogging challenges, I am instantly  reminded why I love doing them even though life is actually too busy, and it takes a lot of effort to do a daily log.  Time is there. The energy to make the effort is often times lacking, though.

This is sometimes the same scenario with running.

It is not until you are in motion that you remember how invigorating it is; running rejuvenates the body, while writing gives the mind the opportunity to relax and at the same time be filled with many creative ideas.

I mentioned at My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands, that I will be running again today along the lake (plas  in Dutch).

Bergse pad

the path leading to Spiegel- en Blijkpolderplas

taken last Monday, 30th of March

But since tomorrow the girls will begin their long Easter weekend, I will do it tomorrow, instead. This way I could spend some quality evening time with P instead, and I could also bring the girls with me to the lake tomorrow.  They could bike while I run my 8 km.

How do you balance your daily life that you find time to blog and still find quality time with your family?

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