Saturday, April 4, 2015

Den Haag (HFNL AtoZ Challenge 2015)

Have you read my brief introduction to this challenge?

If not, here is the link: Introducing HFNL A to Z Challenge 2015

My personal blogging theme for this year: the places I have been in the Netherlands.  

At Happy Feet in the Netherlands (HFNL), I'll be writing about the places (which is not only limited to city, towns or villages but may also include restaurants, stores - places we go for hikes, where we sailed, or a special spot etc.) from the perspective of a runner.  

The blogs @ My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands on the other hand will be from a perspective of an expat, mom, traveler, writer, who seeks to simplify life.

Today, "we go to" : Den Haag - the Dutch name for The Hague.

Running in November (2014)
with the
Scheveningen pier
at the background

For 3 years in a row I have been running the popular City-Pier-City Loop in the Hague.

Next year, I'll be running it one more time before I take a break from running a full calendar year.  More on that after the A-Z challenge!

I recommend this race to anyone abroad, who would like to try and have an experience in running in Europe, or to any runner here in the Netherlands looking for their first half-marathon to run.  

It is well organized, the crowd along the course are enthusiastic and the course is fantastic.

I am aware that most of the new readers dropping by are not runners but perhaps someone you know are? I would love to know which half-marathon in your city could you recommend? Have you cheered for a running friend or relative?

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9th of April, 2015

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