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Running Journal: #MoveItMarch!

Blogger's Note about ~

: This is something new I am trying out. I have way TOO much blogs that stays in draft mode because of my perfectionist streak.  Eventually, I will publish all those blogs in draft mode.

But to prevent the draft pile from further increasing I will publish blogs I wrote as they came out of my mind. No filtering. No editing. 

I am completely aware that this is not very "reader's friendly".

Knowing myself, I will obsess about it.  In order to prevent this unnecessary obsessing, I am informing you all in advance that this series of  "Running Journals" will eventually be edited (on the same day or any day there is time to spare!) for better comprehension.

Loyal readers/followers will of course get to read these "untouched" blog posts. My apologies if it seems self-indulgent; it is not I assure you.

The documentation, which will be filed under the tag/label "Running Journals",  is actually a necessity for this runner.

Thanks for your understanding!

(This blogger's note was written after I wrote the blog post below)

Being dressed for the run (I still wore a thin rain running jacket over my short sleeved running shirt before I finally went out) means your half way out of the door!
Looking at my overall Nike+ stats (owner of the sportswatch since August, 2012) gives me a calming sense for reassurance

Before I forget....

This was supposed to be a 1 km or a maximum of 1 mile run (1.6 km). I have not been able to run properly for 18 days. More about this in my next blog.

But it turned into a longer run.

Middle daughter quipped, "Mom, did you  run the planned 1 km, and then did the 5 km for fun?!"

Cheeky girl. :D

Anyway, I've been meaning to start a detailed journal of all my runs to be able to answer the often asked question posed at me:

  1. How do you train?
  2. How regular do you train? 
  3. What goes in your mind when you train?
  4. Where do you train?
  5. How do you make a run interesting for yourself, again and again.
Hopefully with these  "Running Journals" I could give you (and myself!) a general idea to the pattern of my runs.

1 KM - I was questioning myself on why I did not bother to do a 10 minute warm-up before I went out.

It was late and I did not want to be more late so I thought I will jog the first 10 minutes to warm-up. I think I manage 400 meters of holding back before my feet itched to go a bit more "faster".

I stopped (30 seconds) after 1 km and took out bothersome insoles (not my custom-made one's).

2 KM - I begun again, this time I stopped (30 seconds) after 600 m (I did not count the first kilometer as a run but a warm-up) to have a quick chat with myself whether I will do a  total of 3 km distance tonight or go for a "longer" run of 3 km distance instead of the planned 1 km. 

Making the evening run  to a total distance of 5 km (the last kilometer as cooling down jog).

3 KM - Reaching this point, I thought what the heck, go for the total of 6! This time no more stopping, I told myself.

It felt good, not to feel any disturbing strain, I might as well go my 6 km plus some meters round/route.

4 KM - I started slowing down because I planned to run an 8 km distance the following day.

Slow pace 8K.

5 KM - Very happy when I reached this mark, stopped for 10 seconds and contemplated on power walking.

But I still had more than 1 km to go and I did not want to cool down too long outside.  It was a nice Spring evening air but I did not want to risk any cold.

Littlest of the family has been coughing since middle of the week, and the older ones sneezing.

6 KM - "Joy to the World!" sang my running heart!

Well, I feel fit. Not Usain Bolt fit, fit but Happy Feet fit. :)

....the last 0.72 meters - I have this thing with numbers/stats ;) (I was born in 1972) ...I need to round off my distance ran on my sportswatch or at least have a bit of sense (my own sense and story!) behind it. I missed stopping at the 6.4 (4 miles) km mark. So I stayed with the 6.72!

After the run, I cooled down for 10 minutes by walking around the house for 3 minutes; I stretched for 5 minutes, and planked for 44 seconds (I have not planked for weeks! Need to build it up again.).

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