Sunday, March 30, 2014

Every Blog is A Beginning : Revisiting Zandvoort Circuit Run & Off to New Adventures!

This post is the 2nd entry to the blog series Every Blog is A Beginning...

A motivational poster
from Karen Salmansohn, an author I admire,
& a beautiful soul I take inspiration from

The motivational poster above has been my Facebook Cover for the last 3 weeks.  Empowering words I have kept repeating to counteract many negative thoughts, which arises every time I spur the prick of my Morton's Neuroma.

The words "Never Give Up" has been very effective not only in empowering my running spirit but over all in my daily life. :) 

In the running front the "Never Give Up" spirit has this year given me my 4th running bling!

My second Zandvoort Circuit Run bling.
Ran yet again a 5K in the 7th year of this event, like I did for the first time 2 years ago.

The day was fantastic (tomorrow a blog recap of the race)! Beautiful weather, and most importantly beautiful spirit all around.

Happily showing my family my Zandvoort Circuit Run medal.
Around my wrist is a Protector Bracelet from Kelly of Lunatik Athletiks.
Story behind it is in the blog:
2013: A Year of Thanks. A Positive Year.
Today, I wore the bracelet to help me focus on my goal of simply having fun on the run.

My family came along to cheer for me. Their presence in the race events have become rare as my running years accumulate, and for this reason each time they are there, it is more special.

Love this photo which the oldest took.
Without mijn liefste P, my running experiences would be less colourful. :)

I treasure these moments!

What's next?!

Stick around this week for a whole lot of updates! :)

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