Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thoughts Before The Half in the Hague

#CPCLoop - here at kilometer 15 Scheveningen Strand (famous beach at The Hague) - I was smiling even though it was tough with the wind blowing, fighting exhaustion because I made it this far, and someone very nice was waiting for me at the finishline! — at Scheveningen Boulevard.

A collage to remember CPC 2013
- my "fastest" half-marathon so far in my 30 (+/-) months of running

Today, I am running my last run before Sunday's half-marathon in the Hague. 

This is the second year in a row, that I will be running  CPC Loop Den Haag (the half-marathon). 

It will be my first half in 2014.  I was not strong enough to run Egmond Half this year, and skipped it.  First reasonable decision in 2014, with respect to following my running calendar 2014.  Skipping Groet uit Schoorl half was the second.

Being reasonable is not my forte. The love for running helps me be one.

My motto has always been: I would rather run slow, be the last in the race, than be unreasonable and miss out on running for months because of running recklessness.

In January and February though, I knew that I was absolutely not strong enough to run Egmond and Groet uit Schoorl. I would have finished, and be last in the race but I would have been completely burned out again. I felt this has been the case with the running year 2013.

My game plan for this year's CPC 14 is to use it as my first slow long distance run for my second Luxembourg marathon (#Dare2Dream) training.  More on this in the next weeks.

I wished I am better prepared. I always wished this for each race I've ran in the past 30 months.

Very happy though that I could resume running again free from the angst that my Morton's Neuroma have weighed on me since July, 2013.

Tapping my self on the shoulder for the achievements of the last 30 months (#ToughIsTheNewThin!) have helped me a lot in having a healthier mind set and a more positive view about my running (#OWNYourRun).

I am ready to move on. (#MoveITMarch!!!)

Are you with me?! :)

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