Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 4: Learning to Take it Easy & NOT Stress

Day 4 : 16 Weeks : 5 Days

My daily blogging here is not yet going according to how I am visualising it in my head, and I hope I could improve on it this week.

Currently, I still have two blogs (Day 2, and Day 3) on draft, yet to be published. I might manage it now while waiting for the laundry to finish in the dryer. (Edit: published!)

I am taking it easy on myself this time with EVERYTHING  :) ,  and trying not stress the small stuff. This attempt at attitude change alone is  one of the many important factors that will help my training improve.

Main thing  with this marathon journal, I am recording first and foremost thoughts I have daily regarding the training for myself, and will share it eventually, as a published blog.

I am still working on not obsessing too much about all of the details, and reminding myself that this whole experience is personal.  Don't I enjoy and become inspired myself when the blogger I am reading is "being real" and "feels truly genuine"? Why don't allow myself to be that!

If my plan works out, I would like to write my blogs around 8 pm (when the girls are all fast asleep), and set it to publish when I am already in bed at 10 pm.  This would be an ideal schedule.  Creating a regimen/habit would take at least 3 weeks to integrate completely.

This should not be rigid!

I have to underline to myself again though, that the main thing is I write down my daily thoughts (regarding my training and my feelings about the marathon experience) as they come (save it in draft mode), and NOT worry about publishing them or not publishing at certain period - like becoming lunatic because I put a dealine on myself! Perhaps this attitude will help me be more spontaneous.

Below is my ASICS training plan. I'll discuss more about it this week.

What I want to share tonight though is that I've learned to be flexible regarding "what" (training schemes, literature about running) to follow and "who" (running experts, running gurus, passionate runners etc) to follow or listen to.

As much as I would like to only go by instinct, I would have to learn to balance all three: written facts about training, words of experts based on their experiences, and my own feeling of my own body - it's strength and limitations.

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