Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 3: June's Running Calendar

Day 3 : 16 Weeks : 6 Days

Although this blog is published as Day 3, it was on draft mode and won't be published until after I've already published Day 4.

The reason for this was my indecisiveness regarding which running events I would still be registering myself for, this month.

Well, Sundays are supposed to be a day for long runs but as I've mentioned in Day 1, I took a short break from running, and now I am modifying my training schedule a bit.

Today, I rested from my run from Day 2 @Kinderdijk. And I thought, I could talk about what running events I would be running instead.

I think I needed to learn a lesson, which you can read on Day 4, and perhaps on the next days this week, regarding being flexible with my body and my running mentality,  literally (!) and metaphorically, respectively.

Now, going back to my running event's schedule for the month of June.

As I've mentioned in Day 2 & @My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands, I skipped the 10K in Germany, and went with the family to Kinderdijk to run a distance of what was around 7 kms (more about it in blog entry: Day 2).

If you look at the image at the top of this blog, you will see my tentative schedule. I say, tentative because I am officially registered to all events save one, which is the Almere City Run, where I plan to run also 7 kms distance. I only have my bank account in Germany, and no Dutch bank account yet, so I need mijn liefste P to assist me with the money transfer  for my running events through his account.

Hopefully, this would change next year. Not that mijn liefste P minds but it's rather practical if I can do it by myself, without bothering him with it!

I am excited to run each one of the event for this month because I will not only be working on improving on my condition but I'm getting to know Holland a little bit better through each city I run.  More about these running events in the next days, next weeks!

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