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April 2017
4 min/daily

"Part of courage is simple consistency."

This Week's Purpose

I love beginning the week with a sense of purpose.  

My purpose this week (Week 12: 03.04 - 09.04) is to prepare my body, mind and spirit to run a slow but steady LDR pace.

***** (please, see at the bottom of the post, how I fared at the end of the week with my intentions) 

Since I almost always write a daily impression of my day in my Instagram account, I will link my daily post there, here. If you would like to read a longer recounting of a specific day, simply click on the date and you will be redirected to @happyfeetnl

03.04.17, Monday :  

K (middle daughter) brought M (youngest daughter) to school, and I biked a total of 11 km in the afternoon to pick her up; we went to the woods before going home.

Great quality time together spent in our favourite spot; M moments are always Zen moments!

04.04.17, Tuesday:  

Dada (as the girls call, P) brought M to school and I biked 10 km in the afternoon to pick her up.

This was my After-Recovery-Run Selfie

 / 4 km recovery run

The picture below from last Sunday's (02.04.17) race is what I posted on IG to share my running stats. I love it and I look at it, when I don't feel like going out or getting off the couch! hahaha

05.04.17, Wednesday:  Dada brought M to school.  I napped until almost noon, and then it was time to pick up M: 10 bike km.

06.04.17, Thursday:  

A productive day!

10 bike km, after I brought M to school, and K picked her up in the afternoon. 

I started planking outdoors but our cat Harry was playfully attacking me so I ended up finishing indoors.

Before dinner I got my 10.5 km (tempo training) run done.

4 min/daily in April

07.04.17, Friday

0 biking km, 0 running km

Hahaha thank goodness for IG story! I simply could not recall what I did on Friday and as always Google Photos (I am a "photo-journalist" :D ) helped jumpstart my memory. 

I did not post anything on my Instagram gallery but did share this in my Instagram story:

J (oldest daughter) took pictures of me (please click on the 6th of April for the longer version of the story :) ).  This is one of those picture.

I do this kind of "visual self-therapy" to break through my cloudy mind.  It helps get rid of negative thoughts.

Before I forget! A friend sent a thoughtful message, after I shared this.  She had the same sentiments I did about how to treat such kind of days: rest, recover and take it easy! :)

08.04.17, Saturday:  

5K shake out run

09.04.17, Sunday:  

14K LDR done before dinner.  During the day, I snuggled with P and just rested while following a marathon race on the mobile phone. :D

On this day, a lot of running friends ran the Rotterdam Marathon. Out of sentimentality and to show support and respect to my friends, I shared photos from my three consecutive years of participation.

It's too early to say but I would love to successfully complete the full marathon of this very popular event in Holland. One day in the future.

Total  :       41 biking km /     34 (rounded off ) running km

***** P.S. On the purpose of this week : I was not very successful on the "slow, steady" pace for Sunday's long distance run.  

What I am VERY happy about despite not achieving the consistent pace, the run session itself as a whole felt great. Confidence boosting! It's great to feel your body getting stronger and making good decisions regarding taking care of oneself.

I wanted to do separate blogs (I already have one in draft mode for the first 10 weeks of training) with my analysis and interpretation of my running stats for Berlin marathon training  Knowing myself, though, I might forget so I will include my LDR, here to make sure I won't forget to do a separate blog, and 

The first 5 km, I was trying to "slow down" because I knew I was going too fast. On my training plan was 8'11''-8'46'' average pace.  It is all about preparing the body and building up muscles for continuously running long distances. I ignored this kind of training a lot in the last 5 years because I was simply focused on getting myself out and getting myself back at home ASAP. hahaha

From km 6-8, I tried to bring myself to the prescribed pace. I felt my knees, ankle (specially the problematic right leg!) and calves tightening.  I accelerated by kilometre 9 and it felt much better. I continued with speeding up until km 13 and cooled down with the last km.

✓ Week 1, 2 and 3 (Biking : 188 km Running (started 3rd week: 21 km)
✓ Week 4 (Biking : 60 km Running : 13 km )
 Week 5  (Biking : 50 km Running : 29 km )
 Week 6 (Biking 0 Spring BreakRunning : 29 km )
 Week 7 (Biking : 60 km  Running : 36 km)
✓ Week 8 (Biking : 43 km  Running : 35 km) 
 Week 9 (Biking :  20 km  Running : 32  km)
✓ Week 10 (Biking : 50 km  Running : 24 km) TAPER
 Week 11 (Biking : 50 km  Running : 22 km)  RACE WEEK/10K
 Week 12 (Biking : 41 km  Running : 33 km) 

12 weeks of Biking : 562 km
10   weeks of Running : 274 km

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