Thursday, April 6, 2017


Photo is a screenshot from the video clip of my sprint to the finishline mat! πŸ˜„ I was getting nice (audio) feedback from my Nike+ mobile app, that I could not wait to see the result.


“Life is a race, and what matters most isn't when a person crosses the finish line, but how strong they've grown along the way.” ― Jen StephensThe Heart's Journey Home

This Week's Purpose

I love beginning the week with a sense of purpose.  

My purpose this week (Week 11: 27.03 - 02.04) is to prepare my body, mind and spirit to run my first race for 2017.

***** (please, see at the bottom of the post, how I fared at the end of the week with my intentions) 

*Since I almost always write a daily impression of my day in my Instagram account, I will link my daily post there, here. If you would like to read a longer recounting of a specific day, simply click on the date and you will be redirected to @happyfeetnl
27.03.17, Monday : 

K brought M to school, and I picked her up - biked 10 km.

Sadly, a 5.02 km painful recovery run.

28.03.17, Tuesday:  RESTED - right leg in still in pain! 

0 biking 0 running, lots of self-pitying but not completely -  gathered info in the morning re: my possible injury, stood up in the afternoon and was feeling more positive after I wrote my post*, looking back on Monday's test run.

On Monday's test run I tried smiling;
although my right foot/leg is aching
my brain needed a positive signal!

What a positive energy boosting, sight!

Beloved P picking me up after my run.
I did not have to bike home
and we had a good chat
before dinner on the way home.

29.03.17, Wednesday:  

20 bike km, and wrote messages - writing therapy to clear the cobwebs in my mind!  

My ΓΌber-delayed monthly period began! last time it was the 10th of February - almost 3 weeks delayed. This will come over as TMI but I want to document about this because my hormones affects my mental state as well as my running.

30.03.17, Thursday

Biked 10 km and did a series of stretch exercises

I LOVE Spring!
Even if the sun hides itself behind the clouds,
the beauty of the blossoms shines through!

Sometimes, you simply have to stretch your soul and "dance"!

Dancer's Pose #StretchRevolutionChallengeMarch 2017

31.03.17, Friday:  

Biked 10 km.

3.10 km to say goodbye to beautiful March! (125.7 km this month's total with this run)

It was, simply put : a run to relieve myself of worries and it did the deed!


01.04.17, Saturday:  

Shake out run for Sunday's 10K

I wrote in my IG account* a mental prep after I ran this 4 km distance. 

02.04.17, Sunday:  

This is what I wrote on the 27th of March -

10K Hilversum City Run : race goal is to run a steady pace of 7'00''; if body is up to it, and no pain on the right ankle, calf, perhaps going to try for an official 5K race PR. 

The photo below sums up how I felt on the 2nd of April, taken seconds after the race!  

Official time: 1:08:13! 

Happy with the overall result of the run. I ran at a very easy pace, and even managed a sprint at the end. The worries of the right leg forgotten.

 (I had trouble with my breath at some points, which can be seen on the race video, since it is still  a struggle for me to keep anxiety at bay and have an even breathing...i.e. not hyper-ventilate)


Total  :     50  biking km /     22 (rounded off ) running km

***** P.S. On the purpose of this week : I did it! 

✓ Week 1, 2 and 3 (Biking : 188 km Running (started 3rd week: 21 km)
✓ Week 4 (Biking : 60 km Running : 13 km )
 Week 5  (Biking : 50 km Running : 29 km )
 Week 6 (Biking 0 Spring BreakRunning : 29 km )
 Week 7 (Biking : 60 km  Running : 36 km)
✓ Week 8 (Biking : 43 km  Running : 35 km) 
 Week 9 (Biking :  20 km  Running : 32  km)
✓ Week 10 (Biking : 50 km  Running : 24 km) 
 Week 11 (Biking : 50 km  Running : 22 km) 

11 weeks of Biking : 521 km
9   weeks of Running : 241 km

created 27.03.17 11:17 Monday
updated   10.04.17 12:03 Monday

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