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Story behind the 5K run

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” 
― William Faulkner

This Week's Purpose

I love beginning the week with a sense of purpose.  

My purpose this week (Week 8 : 06.03 - 12.03) is bring back focus on my 2017 plan: simplify, declutter and journal (for structure and therapeutic process).  I've let myself be distracted too much!

In order to realise my week's intentions, I think it is necessary to have a writing schedule I can stick to . ***** (please, see at the bottom of the post, how I fared at the end of the week with my intentions)

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.” ― Shannon L. Alder

I noticed in  my Instagram postings,  last week and beginning of this week (I am writing this 8th of March, and will update during the week), how much faster I can recover from negative triggers, once I write about them, right away.

This recognition reminds me, how important it is that I focus on completing my book project, this year.  Again, the marathon training is helping me stay on track, not only in taking care of my physical health but more importantly of my mental self-care.

The Training Week - Stories and Statistics

06.03.17, Monday:

0  biking (J brought her to school, and K picked her up)

The photo above was taken after  my morning run!  

Went out for a run around 11:30 - 11:35 and
happily posted on Instagram Stories right after!

It's my 20th run since I began training.

I was too happy with my simple accomplishments - too happy to care, that I look like a hag in this video! hahaha

Running makes you feel good and look good! Promise. :D

Hope this video clip works :

Last week Wednesday's, (1st of March) selfie,  taken to remind myself the day might feel bad, when you woke up but you can change it, if you set your heart to it!

Story behind how I turned a "crappy feeling" to a good vibes day!

I am very happy with my progress!

I know from experience, that the marathon adventure is not only continuous progress.

There will be stumbles, road blocks and challenges along the way.

The more reason I have to celebrate small success and significant improvements, when they happen!

Funny, I cooked the same soup (SO GOOD and so simple!), which I prepared last week Monday! A delicious coincidence. :)

07.03.17, Tuesday: biked 20 km, did a couple of NTC workouts!

Since Monday, I am trying to record, "how my average day" is via Instagram Stories. I'm not sure if I can complete this week. My plan is to blog about mindfulness training in my May blogs.  This activity is a sort of warm-up for that.

I tried a new dish, inspired by @nicolevorderman's IG story.

The recipe is originally from @donderdesign's boyfriend.

They are both inspiring runner's I met and follow on Instagram.

08.03.17, Wednesday: biked a total of 3 km  ("A", a mom friend, brought M to school because she saw us biking in the pouring rain) 

Women's International Day! 

I had planned to run 8 km in the morning to honour this day but alas my calves were painful and stiff, thus I decided to rest one more day.  The weather helped with this decision! It was pouring almost the whole day, and stopped late in the afternoon.

Since the friend, who  helped bring M to school, also picked her up after school for a spontaneous playdate with her son (M's classmate)  I had longer time than usual (Wednesday is half day at school) to dedicate to catching up with chores, I've sorely neglected.

Yup, on International Women's Day, I exercised my right to be a better homemaker! :D

I had two bikes to bring home, after M was brought with the car, so I decided to lock my bike and pushed M's bike home.  In the afternoon I simply walk to pick up my bike and rode my bike to pick up M from her playdate.

This day has been a good training day, after all! REST (from running, counts as training too!), biked a total of 3 km and walked a total of 3 km.  

Mentally the rest did me well.  It was great to do chores without feeling stressed about it. What  also helped a lot reduce stress is go through my neglected to do list.  After having done, the things I have been postponing (cancel CPC race, write/reply to friends messages, send emails, finish blog Week 7!)

09.03.17, Thursday

Biked 20 km and documented my morning via Instagram Stories for my mindfulness project.

My left calf, foot did not let me sleep until way past midnight. I stretched and massaged it the whole evening.  When I woke up, I felt the positive result of a day's rest and helping my foot recover.

I was happy I got a run in before I picked up M from school!

Temperature was great but it was a very windy bike ride home!

10.03.17, Friday: REST day

11.03.17, Saturday

WE were BABYSITTERS for the day (noon until dinner) to my adopted grandchildren (P's grandkids from his daughter, in his first marriage)

After I helped P get settled with the little ones, I went out for a short run.  When I left them, they were outdoors, after having finished their snacks and were waiting for the popcorn to be ready for them.

I was back in time to help P serve the cute ones dinner.

12.03.17, Sunday:  CPC Run 2017 - 10K Race 

(UPDATE 08/03/17: cancelled in favour of running near home to have quality time with the family) 
Background story of why I skip this year's CPC race

Story of Sunday's challenging 13K

Total  :   43 biking km / 35 (rounded off ) running km

***** P.S. On the purpose of this week - I did not make time.  

This blog is updated mid-week of Week 9, and I am not feeling well mentally and physically, so obviously I am in dire need of some peace, my writing therapy and less time on Instagram. 15.03.17 15:34

UPDATE  15.03.17 17:24 : publishing this blog, and writing the blog draft of Week 9, helped me regain more mental balance.

✓ Week 1, 2 and 3 (Biking : 188 km Running (started 3rd week: 21 km)
✓ Week 4 (Biking : 60 km Running : 13 km )
✓ Week 5  (Biking : 50 km Running : 29 km )
✓ Week 6 (Biking 0 Spring BreakRunning : 29 km )
 Week 7 (Biking : 60 km  Running : 36 km)

Week 8 (Biking : 43 km  Running : 35 km) 08.03

8  weeks of Biking : 401 km
6  weeks of Running : 163 km

created 08.03.17 11:55, Wednesday
updated 15.03.17 17:24, Wednesday

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