Wednesday, March 22, 2017

'Allo 'Allo!


I was in the poop 

- Officer Crabtree (character from the British sitcom 'Allo 'Allo! )

My Berlin Marathon training is in the middle of Week 10, and before I share the recap of Week 9 and begin the draft for Week 10, I thought I would make a quick, "Hello! How are you all doing!" blogpost. :) I think I will just put this under the category : Random and Happy post!

I've been visiting blogs and FB blog pages, discovering new bloggers on Instagram but I have hardly time and peace to leave behind a sensible comment. So, as usual, I remain a silent reader!

It takes a lot of mental energy to interact with other bloggers on their blogsite, and I admire other bloggers, who could do this.

Even though I know I should not take it all - the process of leaving a comment -  too seriously, I want to always truly know the blogger I am reading before I leave comments.  Sometimes even by the bloggers, I truly know IRL, I struggle to leave a comment behind.

Often I have left, a "I am bookmarking and will read, tonight!" comment and I always worry :D hahaha that the blogger will think I am simply "making a presence", so "their readers" could check my own blog, and I am not genuinely interested in their blogs.

I know, crazy thoughts!!!  Perhaps in the future, when I have less responsibilities, I could blog hop with less over-obsessing. :D

I will feel freeeeeeee!


Taken by my P,
 last Sunday, at kilometre 7
of a total of 12 km
 challenging LDR training.

Behind me is the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

The compromise I thought of is create a blogpost like this and maybe get to know other bloggers.  It is my baby step to NOT over-obsess about the one sentence, I would like to leave behind.  Specially to bloggers I have been reading and following for so long, as a silent reader!

I guess,  this is also my way of inviting my silent readers ;) to leave me a comment behind! Even if it is a simple, "Hi! I read you!"

See, I would not mind reading this, or a "I am bookmarking to read, later!" - I would simply be delighted to get to know my readers. :)

For the bloggers, I visit, I am surmising they would not mind as well.  Or, perhaps when they do check out, who I am, stumble upon this blogpost and discern from it, how complicated my thoughts are, how much I can ramble (and afraid to ramble on their blog with my comment!) hahaha AND they would "get it" - maybe. Maybe affirm they went through the same period!

By the way, I found the quote above from 'Allo 'Allo too  funny and I thought just about summarised my feelings and how my mind was from the very busy weekend before my 45th birthday! Long story for a blog, later.

The picture I have on the very top of this blogpost was taken by my beloved P last week, Saturday. It was before my  quick 4.5 kilometre. I was participating in a challenge hosted by Girls Love 2 Run.  It was about taking pictures during your run with Spring motive.

Today, we have a lovely beautiful Spring day!  I took some pictures to give you the impression of the day.

I love this sculpture called
"Meisje met Ganzen"
Girl with the Geese

Taken on my daily bike route.
It's currently closed for traffic.
Bliss to bike through and have the road all to myself!

This was taken from the floral shop
in the village's shopping centre.
They have a very lovely friendly staff.

I bought flowers in Jumbo, though.
They even gave me (other customers, too!) a free bouquet of mixed buttercups & tulips
because otherwise, they would just be thrown away.

My humble bike and the flowers for the week, home at last.
I am putting this picture, here to remind myself to go back to my water colours, again.
Flowers on the bike is a water colour painting theme I have been visualising in my mind.

Have a great day!

Don't forget to leave a "Hello!" comment below, if you happen upon this blogpost. :)

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